September Girls- Wanting More EP.

Next month, my favourite Irish garage rock band are releasing their debut US release. September Girls are easily one of the best female groups around at the moment. Any band that makes cassettes is a gem in my eyes. Well, providing they aren’t crap and I like them.

September Girls are exciting and wonderful, that is obvious. They make you go back in time. Say the 60s when girl groups truly had talent. The songs were about heart ache and the hair was big. Now the songs are painful to listen to, and you’d much rather you were deaf. Girl groups; where did it all go wrong?! Can I blame the Spice Girls? I can? I can’t? I’m going to. September Girls remind me of a tame version of The Black Belles. I bloody love The Black Belles. If you mix The Girlfriends with Dum Dum Girls and the Wall Of Sound era; you basically have the ideal band don’t you. That ideal band is called September Girls (DDG also, but this is about September Girls.)

Their 7″ EP consists are 3 beautiful songs that leave you typically wanting more. So all you can do is hit repeat over and over. 3 songs that leave you in a state of bliss and also leaves you unsure where you are. Are you in the present or have you gone back? Maybe you took a trip to the future and this is what it sounds like. If that’s the case, then to hell with all that’s happening now and catapult me to the future.

There is a glorious video to the song, Hells Bells which you can watch here :

Hells Bells makes you think you are at a cheap disco surrounded by good people. You just have to move you limbs about in a way that basically states, “I don’t care, this song makes me happy. Move out of my way.”

Wanting More takes you back to the blissful state that the summer left you in. You want to go back because for the most part, you had a pretty damn good summer. Give or take a few shit days; you still had a good time. Man Chats is just divine and is the perfect ending to this wonderful EP.

As this is their first US release (through Matinee Recordings) I hope with all I have they become huge in America and win over their hearts like they have won over mine.

September Girls make the kind of music that makes me love writing about music. Music is basically all I know and care enough to write about. The band fuel my love for this, and give me hope that out there, there are bands making music that is pure and honest. They merge all the genres I love into one. I just adore them a hell of a lot.

The EP is out next month, and you can purchase it here, along with some other cool stuff :

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