Dumb Talk.

“Until the sun goes down you’ll be the one for me.
Until my brain burns out you’ll be the one.”

I’ve decided that bands from New York are the ones that truly own my heart. Obviously I have so much love for bands from the West Coast. I’m just basing this all on my love for New York Dolls, Velvet Underground and Ramones. The level of love I have for those three bands is ridiculous. Maybe borderline psychotic obsessive, or something. They can’t lock me up for that. Not yet. I just love them, that’s all.

Certain places have a specific sound. You just know straight away when you hear them where they are from. Or you THINK you know where they are from. It becomes like a guessing game. You don’t win anything though, such is life.

When I first listened to Dumb Talk no part of me knew where they were from; I was just blown away by their songs. And you know, that’s just how it should be. To hell with where a band is from, all that matters is the music. But if you must know, they’re from New York. They don’t sound like a “typical” New York band at all. Instead they mix a dreamy feel with brutal distorted sounds. Think along the lines of Wavves meets Beach House. Hyper meets calm. That kind of thing. Basically, they’re awesome.

Dumb Talk got together late last year, and this August put out their debut self-titled record. Now, this year has seen some amazing releases. Some were highly anticipated records from established artists and some were debut records that have put others to shame. Dumb Talk have done just that.

Dumb Talk do not sound like a band that have been together for a short time nor does their debut record sound like one. They sound like a solid band that have been around for at least 5 years. You see, when a band can do that; that’s when you know you have found something truly promising. Their songs just ooze the innocence and uncertainty of love. When you love someone, you want to keep it as pure and as precious as possible. I guess that’s one way of approaching Dumb Talk’s music too.

My favourite track so far (I’ve played the album on repeat over the past few days) is Princess but I also love Cry Baby. I’ll change my mind as soon as I hit “publish.” I can’t help it, it’s just a bloody good record.

Dumb Talk make ethereal garage rock music. I know that is seems like something that shouldn’t work. That garage rock music is brutal and bashes you in the face with every listen. Dumb Talk take the backbone of garage rock and add dreamy tones to it. It is utterly perfect and works in the most stunning way possible.

So what you should do is listen and get yourself a copy of their record here : http://dumbtalk.bandcamp.com/ and if you don’t want to listen to anything else but them for a while; then you’re listening right. Enjoy.

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