The Holydrug Couple.


I think because my life is so utterly boring and dull, I have to listen to music that makes me feel like I am part of another universe. Part of a world that I actually feel some connection to. Have you ever walked around and thought, “This isn’t right, this isn’t for me.” It is almost like everything around you, you feel utterly disconnected from. I don’t mean this in a depressing way (Sundays are shit anyway, so no harm done.) I just mean, it makes you see that there is more to what you know than what you know. And you know this, and you just want to find it. You’ll find it eventually. I had a talk with a stranger last week, and she made me feel at ease that I don’t know what I want from life. She told me that people over the age of 40 feel the same. So, I guess it’s alright to remain lost. She said I had “lost eyes.” I’m still trying to figure out what she means, and how to take it. What you’ve got to do, what you must do is ignore all that is expected of you and put your own happiness first. Invest your time and being into what works for you. You’ve spent enough time being miserable. Let it go.

This is why we have bands like The Holydrug Couple. They send you off into a different universe. The colours and shapes take over your mind. Your eyes light up, and everything becomes clearer. You feel like you’re in some kind of haze, but it’s alright. It is like they have held out their hands for you to grab. You grab it, and you gently go with them on this mind-altering trip. They’ve got a song called Ancient Land, and it is 11 minutes of genius and perfection. One of my weaknesses in life are songs that go over 5 minutes. Songs that make you feel a sense of euphoria all over; they’re the best kind. It’s all well and good thinking “This songs sums up my LIFE.” But sometimes you just need to be taken on some euphoric trip.

The Holydrug Couple are two amazing musicians from Chile. Again, another band proving my biased theory that duos are the best. Everything about them leaves you wandering around in a daze after you’ve listened to them. I just got up to make a cup of tea, and I feel like I’m floating. They are a perfect headphones kind of band. Some bands are just made for that personal experience you know? When you find a band like that, your connection with the music just deepens. Your feelings towards the music heightens, and nothing can really compare to it. You gaze out of the window on the bus or fall asleep listening to it. You feel part of it.

I know it sometimes takes a lot for one to truly love a band from first listen, but when you find gems such as The Holydrug Couple you cannot help but fall recklessly and completely in love with their music. This feels like something from the 60s, and that alone gives you faith in “modern” music.

Go listen :

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