Beach Skulls.

HEY SUMMER COME BACK! WE WERE JUST GETTING TO KNOW YOU. I understand that you want to leave, can’t force yourself to say. Come back in November? I want the sun to shine on my birthday. I’m going to need it. Approaching 26 is making me feel uneasy and strange. I feel that way most days, but more than usual recently. I don’t know what it is, I know what it is. Maybe I don’t want to face it just yet. Give me music. That’s all I need. I probably need some other things to, but simple things make me happy. That doesn’t mean I’m stupid. I’m not stupid. I’ve stopped dumbing myself down for others. That was a silly thing to do. Never do that. But I promise you, you will find at least ONE person who makes you feel like you can be yourself and change nothing just to be in their company. This person will make you happy. This person will make life easier. You will mean the same to that person. This isn’t for life lessons, this is for music. But you can get life lessons in music. I get them all the time. Or maybe it is just a realisation I get. I’m not sure. Maybe they are the same.

Here’s a new band for you.

What do you know about music from the Liverpool area? Oh you’re a fan of The Beatles? We probably won’t get along. I was never a fan. I’m aware this is much like me saying I like to kick kittens and rip off their tails. (Hey, I’m a veggie and I love animals. I will hug anyone. I give money to the homeless, and I help old people with their shopping..I’m not a twat, I’m okay.) I just don’t like The Beatles. They’re not what I’m into. Personal choice. Let me give you a wonderful band.

Beach Skulls.

Beach Skulls make music that you’ve got to play when the sun is out. I know the sun rarely comes out, so you make your own Summer I guess. Throw a mix CD together and hope you can feel some heat on your bones. I get it, I really do. You need to do that. You need to feel the sun on your back, you’ve got to. I spent most of today in the sun on the beach. Nothing exotic. There was a trolley covered in seaweed, a bird carcass and litter. Maybe I should’ve stayed indoors. Beach Skulls bring it all to you. Their music is so relaxed and atmospheric. They have a LA vibe going on; you know what I mean? Super laid back with melodic vocals that catapult you somewhere beautiful.

Beneath The Waves EP is truly truly fantastic. I firmly believe that this year, more amazing EPs than LPs have been released (from The Creeping Ivies to Clara Engel to Beach Skulls..fantastic EPs.) Beneath The Waves makes you want to get away. Actually no, it makes you believe you CAN get away. The EP gives you hope and love. It gives you chills but warms your soul. I’m utterly baffled as to why Beach Skulls are insanely huge. In good time, in good time.

Until then, if you should read this- treasure them. Keep them as a secret if you want. But, I think you should tell as many people as you can about them. Music should fill you with feelings you sometimes cannot understand. It should also make you feel alive; just bless you with sheer happiness. They make me feel like I am floating towards something peaceful and beautiful. I don’t like to be rushed, ever. You should always take your time with everything in life. Beach Skulls make you leave everything behind, all that matters is this moment. The moment you spend listening to them. It’s like Nick Cave during a really good Summer. I just love them. (I also adore Nick Cave.)

My personal favourite track by them is Grey Today, the cynic in me loves songs like this.

Anyway. You can check out their sounds here :

Or here :

Take your pick, but please listen.

Next time you want some sunshine in your life, play their music. Disturb your neighbours, ease your soul.

2 thoughts on “Beach Skulls.

  1. You have captured the Beach Skulls to a T, The lads really appreciate your kind words. Peace……and Hang Ten.

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