Pati Yang-Hold Your Horses EP.

A wise author called their book, “The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things.” This same person also changed my life with their books, but my love for JT Leroy is a different thing altogether. Sure some may call her a fake, but I refuse to. We all create something don’t we. Everyone does. The heart does lie at times, but other times our head tries to make us believe things that aren’t true. People become paranoid and in the midst of their silly ways, unleash hell. They lose YOU. You don’t lose them. Did you ever have them in the first place? My days are spent walking on the beach and thinking. One of these things is good for the soul. The art of growing up is a struggle and a pain. Thing is, it is all worth it. Peace and quiet comes from within. Everything comes from inside of you. Sometimes it takes someone to drag it all out. People are placed in your life for a reason. These reasons are your own, and you find them in your heart. Sometimes the words do not fall so freely from your tongue. Keep quiet until the time is right. Let it out eventually. I know what it’s like to keep years worth of..something or other and have it fall so easily, and freely. Be free, be kind. Be yourself.

Music is a form of freedom. Expression of the soul. Pati Yang does all of this and more. Her last EP, Wires And Sparks truly blew my mind. I wanted more and more from her. I just thought she was a wonderful . Her music just reaches into the depths of your soul and makes you less scared of your own feelings. Her new EP, Hold Your Horses is like looking into the mirror and at the same time offers so much reassurance. The vulnerability and honest in her lyrics makes you connect so much. I cannot praise her lyrics enough. You know when you hear a song and think, “Yep, that was written for me.” You get that frequently with her songs, she is utterly hypnotic and stunning.

Her vocals will grip you in a way you never thought you could be gripped. The music will be the beat in your bones. The lyrics will be your soundtrack. Sometimes an artist just leaves you in complete awe, and whatever you say about them just isn’t enough. I feel that way about Pati; she just leaves me in utter awe. I wish I could write lyrics as passionate as this.

Revolution Baby (after about 20 listens) is probably my favourite off the EP but I have a strong love/obsession developing towards Kiss It Better. When it kicks in during Kiss It Better you feel every part of you come alive. That’s pretty much what Pati does. She awakens those dormant feelings you have. She is something else, something wonderful that needs to be known.

Is she the best singer to have ever come from Poland? Sure. No doubt about that. Her voice is grand like Kate Bush mixed with the dark electro sounds seen in Fever Ray. She is just bloody brilliant. My words do NOT do her justice. Just buy her EP when it comes out 17th September.

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