Sean Atkins.


“And you should always know how wonderful you are.”

Your gut instincts should always be trusted. You should always go with your heart, because although someone/you may get hurt, it is the right thing to do. This is just personal experience and you shouldn’t listen to me. Only listen to me when I tell you a band/singer than you should listen to. Anything else, well I’ll probably ruin your life. I’m just being dramatic. I won’t ruin your life, I’ll put your heart first. I’m too sensitive and thoughtful. Recent actions have proven this, but there’s always one who will disagree. Anyway. Who cares? Throw it away, cast it aside and carry on.

There’s a guy that lives in Pittsburgh that makes music that is a trillion times better than what is all over the airwaves. His name is Sean Atkins. Please remember his name. Please look him up. Please listen to his music.

I’m not big into acoustic music. I prefer something that has about 50 layers to it and makes me feel like I’m floating on a bed of water. Do I need to say who? I do? Okay. Such as Warpaint..there said it. Move on. But sometimes, I listen to a voice and an acoustic guitar- and I get the same feeling I get as I listen to The Kills to Nick Cave. The feeling as if someone is telling my story, that someone gets it in a way that no one else could.

How can someone a million (okay not a million) miles away get how I feel? How? Quite easily it seems. That’s what makes someone a brilliant writer. They just get it. Sean’s words are beautiful. He writes the songs you wish you could write. He writes the songs that project every feeling burning inside of you. His songs are the songs you want to give to the one you adore because your words aren’t enough. Because your words came a few years too fucking late.

Please for the love of music and all it should stand for listen to his music. You can find it on his bandcamp page here:

OR you can listen to it on his soundcloud page here:

My favourite track of his has to be Turn Out The Light. His vocals, his words really hit you in the heart. When an artist can hit you right in the heart, regardless of the genre of music- if it speaks to you, if it reflects all you feel then please keep hold of it. Treasure it and never let it go. Go gentle, and let the music be your strength.

His music is pure and beautiful, there’s honestly nothing else I can say about him that does him justice. Please listen. If you are someone who wonders about the right thing, who is to honest for their own good, does everything with heart- this guy will truly be your light.

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