The Kills-Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover.)

Yes I dislike covers. And yes I also dislike remixes. I like things, I dislike some other things. My mind is easily swayed when a band I love more than I can put into words covers a song I love. Fleetwood Mac are a band my mum used to ALWAYS play to me when I was a baby. Anyone who isn’t moved by the bass in The Chain doesn’t have a heart. Anyone who cannot connect to a Fleetwood Mac song is emotionless. However you’ll get some smart-arse who thinks they’re overrated blaaah blaaah. It’s alright, I think The Beatles were just overhyped nonsense so we’re equal.

The Corrs covered Dreams didn’t they. It’s okay, I liked it. You’re not alone. The Corrs were alright weren’t they. I probably fancied the main one. Is Jim alright? No one ever really paid him any attention. I hope he’s okay. Right let’s move on.


The Kills are obviously more than just a band to me. They’re a life-line, a way of life, they give meaning and answers. They’re the two best friends I will never meet. But their songs are memories and advice for all I seem to drag myself through. I’m careful with who/what I associate their songs with. Anyway, today their cover of Dreams was given to us all. I don’t know if you’ve heard it yet or not but..shall we get into how mind-blowing it is? ALRIGHT.

What I love about Jamie and Alison is that ANY song they have covered, they always make their own. And for the most part, make it better than the original. When you listen to the original of Dreams you just hear it as a song that offers wisdom. When you hear Alison Mosshart sing it, you hear so much. You hear pain, disappointment, wisdom and truth. It provides more comfort than the original. Right now the line, “Women they will come and they will go” means everything. Especially hearing Alison sing it in her own way. I guess it is something I need to hear, even if I don’t want to hear it. The Kills have this way of making you feel so involved in their partially sinister version of Dreams. They sing this song as if they wrote it. There is no denying that Dreams is one of the greatest songs ever written, and for a band like The Kills to take this song, strip it all of what it once was and make it this dark yet empowering song- well, I am confident it makes them the best band around.

My love for The Kills means my love for this cover is just going to make me stupidly emotional about the song. The Kills bring up every emotion possible but don’t leave me in a weeping heap on the floor. Instead they give me the strength to shrug it off, and no longer let anything matter. Sometimes, that is what you truly need. You can cling on all you want, but sooner or later you’ve got to let go. Trust me, the letting go is a euphoric feeling and as Jamie’s guitar gets louder and louder you feel as if you have reached the point of realisation.

The way Alison sings this song is truly beautiful. As she reaches higher notes, it hears like a plea. Like she is telling you to not go that way, but to stay with who you are. A band will always guide you where you need to go, that’s why I trust Alison and Jamie. I believe in their music to be my constant crutch. They’ll never fail their fans, this cover pretty much justifies it.

My favourite cover of all time will always be Oh Those Eyes by Dum Dum Girls but I’m going to place this cover by The Kills right next to it. If you’re going to cover someone elses work, you must always make it your own- as if YOU wrote it. Jamie and Alison go beyond this. I cannot put into words how much I love this. It is truly beautiful. I think if you had never heard the original, you’d think this was their own. They’ve made it into a stunning work of art.

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