exitpost-Echo, Location.


Having about 10 hours sleep in 3 days is not good for you. Travelling for about 10 hours to get home is also a bit shit. But you know what? I can safely say it was the best weekend ever. I may look like a miserable swine, but it was truly amazing and beautiful. You don’t need to know why, because well..it isn’t music based. Just know that sometimes feeling utterly rough and delicate is worth it when you get to spend time with people you truly love and adore. Some that you see often, some that you rarely see. It was just beautiful, and I love them all. I should learn to show it I guess. Anyway, I also learnt that whiskey and Red Bull is never a good thing at all. Just no. NEVER. I didn’t know if I was going to fall asleep, die or feel like I could run a marathon. So it fair to say I am now okay with sitting in a dark room for a long time listening to music that makes me feel like I am surrounded by Alison Mosshart’s face and floating through the sky.

This is where exitpost come in.

My head cannot take anything that is RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAHHHH right now. You know what I mean? Please say you do because I don’t think I know what the actual word is. I want something peaceful and soothing.

exitpost make you feel as if you are being cradled. They make you feel like you are being gently held, and will not let go until you feel human. This is what I am getting from their music. Orphan Hill is a beautiful song that just makes you feel alive- even if you feel as rough as…*insert something crude if you wish.*

Orphan Hill is wonderful. I adore Ken’s vocals. Every word feels so sincere, and makes you think that everything is going to be okay. Let’s be honest, you feel at times everything is messed up and nothing will work out. There comes a point where this goes, and it turns around. I don’t know when but it does happen. It will happen. The debut EP is truly wonderful and just elevates the soul. Listen to it right here : http://exitpost.bandcamp.com/album/echo-location

If you feel like you have been hit by a baseball bat or something equally as crap, give exitpost a listen. Yes they are from New York but it really isn’t my fault that most the best bands are from there is it? No. There is something in the water, as they say.

This debut EP blesses you with courage, hope and wonder. There are hints of youth and uncertainty that follow throughout, and it is done in a way that makes you feel as if Ken has written these songs about you. Widow’s Peak is my favourite track off the EP. The lyrics just mean a hell of a lot. Lyrics are my main thing. Yet, I must say that the euphoric part of Trespasser (from 2.15 until end) is one of the most beautiful things ever.

In short, you need this EP in your life.

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