Brighton. It’s lovely there. Nick Cave lives there. Nick Cave is a GOD. Disagree? Well, why? Just why? I couldn’t trust anyone who didn’t see how much of a genius that man is. He really is. Go listen to him. He’ll change your life. Then go read his novels. Actually, read his novels whilst listening to his music. That’ll probably work out better for you.

Completely different style of music altogether, also from Brighton is 21-year-old Moya (they say you should never state the age of a lady but 21 is an alright age…I remember when I was 21…I prefer 25 to be honest.)

She has a new song out real soon, but I just want to mention a video that was shot underwater. The last video I fell in love with that was shot underwater was Warpaint by Warpaint. I’m evidently able to mention them in anything. I just love them. It’s possibly more than love? Alright. So, Moya did a video underwater :

Lovely isn’t it? Makes you want to go for a swim. I can’t I’ll have to settle with a bath. Although, I’ve just had a shower.

Her new single, Lost And Found is take from her debut record of the same name (which is out July 2nd.) She’s also covered a Primal Scream track. I’m not a fan of covers usually, but this is beautiful.

Okay so her new single Lost And Found is already out, and next week you should probably go get her debut record. Her website has some pretty cool stuff you can download. And if you’re as weird as me, you’ll probably enjoy her clothes and hair.

Remember, 2nd July. Next Monday. Lost And Found is OUT.

Buy it.

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