Eternal Summers.


When a band’s bio reads as this :

“Nicole was born inside a volcano. Daniel was born inside a tree. Jonathan was born in a cat’s mouth.”

Then every single part of you knows you have probably found a band you are going to love for a long time. You listen to their music, and you think “What would it be like to be born inside a tree? Or inside a volcano? Or with cats in my mouth?” If you don’t then you are either what society calls “normal” or you are scared to be a bit mental. Or both. If do any of these things, I want us to be best friends. But if you have a Ted Bundy vibe about you then err…maybe not. That’s not good for anyone. Apparently he was a charmer. Okay..okay. Wow.

Eternal Summers are charming. But on the safe kind. Even if one was born inside a volcano. Better than a hospital, right?

You want them to fit in a genre? Don’t bother. Just don’t. When you start wanting to put bands in a category you strip away all they are, and you poison their art. Or something as bad as that. I just love them. And how could you not?

You want songs you can sing along to? CHECK. You want songs that make summer FUN? CHECK. You want a band that make you act a bit crazy? CHECK. What I’m getting at is, that Eternal Summers are fucking brilliant. Stunning and perfect. Dreamy sounds and catchy vocals. It isn’t about who has the best produced record, it is about who puts the most heart into it. They truly play with passion, and that’s lacking in most bands.

They formed back in 2008 originally as a duo. Well, regardless of how many of them are in the band- they’re awesome. You know when you hear something so good and you try to vocalise how much you dig them without sounding like an obsessive dick? That’s pretty much what I’m doing aren’t I? I don’t think I’m doing too well.

So, you should probably go listen to their EP, Prisoner right here and right now :

And when you’re done listening to the EP go back in time and listen to their debut record Silver :

I’m not going to tell you who they sound like or anything like that. You know I hate doing that, and honestly I can’t think of anyone else they sound like. Which is a bloody good thing.

Go listen. Spend the rest of the afternoon listening to them.

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