“I got nothing but time, so the future is mine.”


You wait and you wait. You wait until you want to cry because it hurts to wait. You want to destroy any record that isn’t THIS record. Then it comes out, or the band stream it before it comes out. Your body freezes. You cannot form words. Your mind resembles this : “FKESORJEROITUPOGJUEPOUFKJSDTUIEYOGAQHU!!!!!!!” You want to go up to people and just tell them about this record. You want to tell them EVERYTHING it makes you feel. Thing is, you no of nobody who will give two fucks about what you feel. So what do you do? You play the record, and you unleash all your emotions into some kind of review in the hopes someone responds with, “I understand. I feel the same.” That’s all you search for. You want someone to connect to the bullshit you write. Thing is, it is your feelings, so it cannot be bullshit. You hope that a Metric fan far (or near maybe) away reads it and loves the record as much as you do.

With that brief outburst done (there’s going to be more) I’m not even sure if I can control how I feel right now. I don’t think I can. You see, all of Metric’s record mean the world to me. I cannot pick a favourite song or record. I love each very much. Each record holds a lot of meaning to me. Live It Out gives me hope. Fantasises got me through hell. Old World Underground is always going to be my “baby.” Grow Up And Blow Away is perfect. Even their EPs are held as highly. I just don’t think I can put all my love out there . I just can’t.

A change of pace is always needed, but cling onto your youth kids. That is the vibe you are going to get from this record. If you don’t enjoy it, maybe you’ve got too much wax in your ears.

When I interviewed Jimmy and Emily in 2009 it was right after I got dumped. I was totally fine speaking to Jimmy. It was more about the musicianship about the band. As soon as I spoke to Emily, I felt myself just become a mess. At some point I just blurted out why Blindness means the world to me. We spoke about that for a while. I listened back to the interview straight after it was over. It was too personal for me to type up, and I took a vow to never ever type it up. Maybe one day I’ll stop being such an arse and type it up. I’m not sure. Thing is, when you feel that low you want to do all you can to never go back there again. It’s fair to say I’ve never felt that way again. If it happens again, I’ll probably heal myself by typing it up again.

Should probably talk about the record now.

The album opens with the powerful and heart-hitting Artificial Nocturne. It’s 5 minutes and 42 seconds of heaven. I adore the line, “I’m just as fucked up as they say.” I am pretty sure us Metric fans are going to fall so in love with that line and quote it anywhere and everywhere we can. We can be fucked up together, right? This record won’t fuck you up. It’ll fix you up- no problem.

The record is basically a dreaming state. It makes you feel like you are dreaming because it is so bloody ethereal. I cannot find any fault in it. Every song has a euphoric build-up. Every song is perfect in its own way. Every song is the song that sums up how you feel. Every song makes you feel so fucking alive.

Now, I’m going to address something real quick because I reckon it’ll pop up. Remember when dicks said Metric sold out when they did a song for the Twilight soundtrack? As someone who doesn’t understand why someone would enjoy Twilight, I was a bit dubious that my favourite band were going to be part of something I really dislike. I heard the song. I became obsessed with the song. It is a gorgeous love song that makes you think maybe..just maybe, someone will feel this way about you. Or maybe you’ll feel this way about someone. I’m going to assume people will say Metric have sold out with this record. Take yourself away, you cannot call yourself a fan. A band cannot keep making the same record over and over. That’s why I adore Metric. Every record they have put out (I’m including EPs in this) has been different to the previous. They are a band that do not fall into any genre at all.

Synthetica by rights, should make lists of BEST THING TO HAPPEN IN 2012. You see, as it is so close to perfection I think the only people who are going to appreciate this record are the fans. The REAL fans who cling onto every single word Emily sings. Her voice makes you feel like you are floating on a cloud towards happiness. Her voice has got me through some fucking bullshit. Her voice has been comforting arms at 4am when I just didn’t know what to do. I never know what I am meant to do. I may follow my heart, but I have no idea where it is taking me. She has a voice that makes you stare up at the stars, and you feel like you are heading home. Home doesn’t have to be where you currently live. Get up and get the fuck out. Save yourself, because nobody else ever will.

Lyrically, this album is beyond. What I love about Metric is that they have NEVER used pretentious word forms and phrases in order for you to understand. Their words are at a level that make you connect instantly. You connect, and you never ever let go. Every song on Synthetica makes you feel like it was written for YOU. You feel as if Emily is just singing out everything you have been holding in for sometime. When you listen to Synthetica it is like you can let it all go. Let it all out, then let it go. Metric have always written songs that just feel like a huge healing process, I don’t really know of any other band that make me feel this way. You’ve already seen what Emily said what the record was about and all it stands for. But, incase you missed what she said :

“SYNTHETICA is about staying home and wanting to crawl out of your skin from the lack of external stimulation. SYNTHETICA is about forcing yourself to confront what you see in the mirror when you finally stand still long enough to catch a reflection. SYNTHETICA is about being able to identify the original in a long line of reproductions. It’s about what is real vs what is artificial. What else?

SYNTHETICA is about insomnia, fucking up, fashion, all the devices and gadgets attached to our brains, getting wasted, watching people die in other countries, watching people die in your own country, dancing your ass off, questioning the cops, poetic justice, standing up for yourself, sex, the apocalypse, doing some stupid shit and totally regretting it but then telling everyone it made you stronger, leaving town as a solution to unsolvable problems, owning your actions and owning your time.”

When I read this description, I felt my body become covered in goosebumps because I was filled with hope, joy and every positive feeling I could handle. As I listen to this record, I realise that all Emily said Synthetica is- it truly truly is, and more. It has gone so far beyond what I expected. I have no idea what I expected, but I knew it was going to be incredible. I guess my biased opinion didn’t let me down on this one.

So I guess you can call this a really bad album review. I didn’t really review it. Why should I? I just wanted to tell you that Metric are about to put out one of the best records of the year, and these songs…christ..these songs are going to do something to your soul. The Wanderlust features Lou Reed and that alone pretty much cements this as one of the best records of the year. The production is stunning, as with all their records. The musicianship is as tight as ever. This is well and truly worth the wait.

“I won’t ever make them make a loser out of my soul.”

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