Joey Ramone. 11 Years.

I’ve idolised the Ramones ever since I can remember. I remember my Uncle playing them to me when I was 5 years old or something crazy. I was instantly drawn in towards Joey. I loved the way he was on stage. I loved the way he sometimes thrashed the mic stand about. He stood on the stage with purpose and cause. He was such a charismatic force that just left you in awe. When he died 11 years ago today, I was in bits. The feeling of losing one of your heroes is awful you know. It will happen to us all eventually. The Ramones own a piece of my heart that I can’t imagine giving a person. They were much-needed, and always will be. We’ll never have another band like them. We’ll never have a front-man like Joey Ramone. His long, messy hair. His ripped jeans. His beaten leather jacket. Someone once said to me, “You look like a lost member of the Ramones.” I enjoyed that a lot.

The Ramones were more than just a Punk band. Irreplaceable and forever loved. Each member that has passed, is forever missed.

So here’s to you Joey. Thank you. For everything.

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