Jesse Ruins.

Until now, my favourite thing to have ever come from Japan (musically) was a band called BORIS. I’ve still got a hell of a lot of love for BORIS. I love how noisy and thrashy they are. So bold and so incredibly loud. On the flip side of loving music that is like this, I love music that is still dark (I love music that most would label as “songs to top yourself to.” Not because I’m morbid, far from it- I just think we need to go to the darkside more often.) I love music that is dark but is disguised heavily by synths and the like. I don’t enjoy music that is just synths alone. That’s just a cop-out. Have some guitars and drums layered on top of it, make it good.

This is why I’m probably fast falling in love with Jesse Ruins.

Jesse Ruins started up back in 2010 and they are Nobuyuki Sakuma and Nah.  Originally it was just Nobuyuki’s solo project but in 2011, Nah joined. I hate writing the background to bands- I just want to talk about the music. So…

The music is incredible. It is so good, I’m not entirely sure I want to listen to anything else right now. So they have that dark synth sound like my favourite, Cold Cave but they have delicate vocals that are so haunting. It will give your body goose-bumps. It will make you want to flail around for a bit. If you experience a comedown from this, just keep playing their music over and over to avoid such a draining feeling. I fully sympathise with you if you experience this. I’m going to avoid it by, for once, taking my own advice and just playing Jesse Ruins non stop for a while.

Jesse Ruins send you off into some kind of trance. A trance that can only be triggered by hearing something beautiful. You stick to your artificial means of finding euphoria, I’ll listen to music like this. It just sends you to some kind of place where all you see are flashing lights and angels dressed in battered leather jackets guiding you towards something you have never experienced before. I know this is all in my head, and has been conjured up by hearing something truly wonderful.

You can add Japan next to New York and L.A. for creating music that is just utterly mind-blowing. Not to mention inspiring. Jesse Ruins just give you this feeling, and give you this state of mind that you’ve never felt before. I’m so in awe of them. If you hear anything by them in a club- dance. But don’t dance how you are expected. Throw your limbs about as if you are possessed. Dance as if you are trying to get yourself from out of your body. I like it when people dance like that, but don’t be too drunk. Just take yourself to that place where only a band can take you. Because let’s face it, a person probably can’t. Not when there is music like this.

I really really love A Bookshelf Sinks Into The Sand. I’d say that for now, that’s probably my favourite track. I’m going to keep playing Jesse Ruins and imagine I am anywhere but where I am.

You can listen to their sounds at:

They are currently signed to the amazing Captured Tracks, and a full length record will be out real SOON.

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