The Electric Prunes.

Aside from having a really strange name, The Electric Prunes can EASILY be regarded as one of the best Psychedelic bands of all time. I mean sure it depends on who you ask. If you ask someone who knows not much about this genre, then they’ll give you a generic answer. Who wants that? Nobody. Yet we all seem to seek out what is similar in order to fit in. Those four walls are looking more appealing.

What I love about The Electric Prunes was how bloody odd they were. I’m not strange by choice, it just happened. My mum’s pretty normal, so I have no idea what went wrong. Maybe its all the music I listen to, it’s pretty much like this. But why should I try to justify it? I’m not. I constantly get called odd or strange, like it’s a bad thing. Isn’t it a bad thing to be like everyone else? Someone once said that I work so hard to be different. I honestly don’t. Trust me, if I could stop being this way I probably would. I’m stuck with it. A monkey on my back. But it’s totally fine because maybe one day I’ll befriend someone who feels the same way. I doubt I’ll befriend anyone my age that digs The Electric Prunes though. It’s cool. Maybe we can bond over Lou Reed or Chris Corner instead.

I listen to The Electric Prunes and I feel like all my crazy dreams are coming to life. Most drop acid in order to see weird shit. I just close my eyes and fall asleep and it’s like, “OH SHIT…HERE WE GO.” I have more fun in my dreams than I do in life. Apart from the past 2 weeks where I have nothing but nightmares. I think they’re starting to go now. It happens. I’ve learnt to just carry on as normal, whatever that may be. You can truly find a different world when you listen to music like this. You truly bug out listening to this. Have you ever listened to OM? Do it. They’re pretty much instrumental, but it is so cryptic and eerie. It’s utterly mesmirising. Some music you just have to lay still and close your eyes as you listen to it, just to get that true effect.

I cannot pick a favourite record by The Electric Prunes. Some days I really rate Release Of An Oath as my favourite (like today I’d say its this one.) But tomorrow I may choose their self titled debut or Underground. They had this sound that made you want to start your own band. You wanted to start your own kind of movement, that’s when you know a band is one of the greats. If they can cause this fire inside of you and a desire to make music- you’ve found a good one. Release of An Oath feels quite mystical and a bit religious. Maybe spiritual. It feels so different to releases before and after.

I love the mellow feel to some of the tracks on Underground. I Happen To Love You is probably my favourite off this record, no doubt. But to pick a favourite track of all time? No chance.

Their legacy is incredible, those that know of them know just how powerful it is. Not to mention inspiring. If music like this was still being made, maybe the Universe would be more loving and kind. I have this horrific hippie way of looking at life and everyday it seems to bite my in several places. I know I should stop, but I can’t. Music like this fills you with wonder and kindness; and still deserves to be heard.

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