Friendless Bummer.

I need loud music in my life to ignore how quiet I am. I need this weird, distorted sound to make up for everything I lack. I lack a lot of things. Charm and good looks being the main two. So, I use music as a way to create something better in my mind. Lord knows I need it right now. I’ll be fine once I’ve had another cup of tea and played Friendless Bummer louder than I am.

Just another wild Friday night for me…shit.


Friendless Bummer. Virtually impossible for me to find anything out about this band. I’m pretty sure there’s only 3 of them in the band. 3 that’s the magic number, yes it is. I do love duos though. I’m making an exception right now. I know nothing about them apart from the fact they make this wonderful lo-fi sound that makes me feel like I am anywhere but where I am. It’s a good thing. I need the escapism. Now, if someone could transport me to L.A. so I can live out my dreams that’d be cool.

Friendless Bummer are from New York? I think. I’m not sure. I’m just going to assume that they are starting out. You can find them on Facebook and Tumblr. You may find some interesting stuff when you type in the band’s name into various search engines. But hey..DON’T BE A PRUDE!

I hope someone picks up on how amazing they are, because they truly are. I really dig their sound and Ultimate Death (that’s the cheery side of me coming out right now) is probably my favourite track.

If you like Wavves (we should be chums if you do) then you’ll probably fall in love with Friendless Bummer.

Oh New York, New’ve gone and done it again haven’t you!

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