Patti Smith-April Fool.

If it wasn’t for Patti, I probably wouldn’t care for words. I wouldn’t care for how people pronounced words or wrote words. Words would be meaningless to me. Because of her, I’m obsessed with words. I believe in words not actions, and I’m possibly in the minority with that. You can fake actions just as you can fake your words- but you still cling onto the fact that there may be some honesty in the words. It just depends. You can make yourself believe in anything if you want it to be true enough.

There are many reasons as to why I love April Fool (I know I’m late on this, sorry.) The main reason being it has Tom Verlaine on guitar. Tom was the frontman of one of the greatest bands ever (and highly underrated) Television. His solo work is just as inspiring and important as his work with Television. I want to talk about Richard Hell, but I will go off on one. I’ll save that for another day. My love for Richard Hell is always kept in my heart, away from harm.

April Fool just shows how delicate and loving Patti is. Her words have been my crutch. You see, Patti is the only solid thing that has EVER made me feel like I can do anything. All too often people are quick to say you cannot do something. Patti is the only force that has made me believe that these dreams I have, that may seem stupid and crazy to someone…aren’t stupid or crazy at all. She taught me how to put my heart and soul into something without letting it drain me. Shirley Manson makes me want to be tough, Patti Smith makes me want to make things happen for me. Everything about her is just so wonderful and beautiful. She is just everything I’d love to me. But I’m me, and I’m starting to see that it’s not such a bad thing.

April Fool makes you want to fall in love with a fellow writer and just escape. Patti’s music and lyrics have always shown me that there’s a better life, and it’ll come if I stick at it. My love for her is probably too much for my body to contain. I keep her words in my heart and constantly on my mind. She goes beyond being everything to me. Some people just have that indescribable quality about them that blows your mind; Patti has that.

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