As I’m writing this, my 8-year-old nephew walks past. Stops. Looks at the screen, laughs loudly and says..”IT SAYS BITCH!!!”And now he’s yelling it at my mum,”GUESS WHAT AUNTIE OLIVIA IS LISTENING TO.” Then yelling the name. It’s okay, he’s entirely cute and he’s my favourite boy in the world.

This is the kind of music that requires you to wear your favourite band shirt, eat pizza and drink beer (or juice, it depends on your age.) It is noise. Pure noise, and I love it. It is tuneful noise that makes you just want to waste your life away. I probably am doing that anyway, but I’m seeking more enjoyment. I do believe I was born in the wrong place, and probably at the wrong time. But these kids are new. I’m just hating on England again.

Amazing things have come from Portland. Members of Warpaint, Portland Trail Blazers and now….YOUTHBITCH. They’ve been making amazing noise since 2007, I think? I could be wrong, or I could be right.

It’s the kind of music you play when you realise the person you are with is an ultimate waste of time. Been there, right? Play this loudly and forget them. But fuck it maaaan, just play them loudly anyway. Zone out and enjoy it.

Okay so why do I love them? I love them with all I have because it is the kind of music I wish I could make. But I cannot play any instrument. I’d be a drummer, probably. In the background making a lot of noise. The opposite of how I am. I stay in the background now, but I don’t make any noise.

You just want to laze about and play this super loud. But at night, you want to lose your shit and fuck things up. Lose your mind, you might aswell- it’s probably why you have it. You have things to lose them. So lose your mind.

It is a strange merge of Garage rock and a weird surfer twist. I honestly cannot put a name on it, I don’t want to. I just want to listen to them forever and lose my mind.

I can feel it slowly going.

You can check out their mind-altering (and mind-blowing) sounds at :

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