Willis Earl Beal- Evening’s Kiss (video.)

25 02 2012

Willis is probably the best thing that is going to happen to music this year. If you choose to ignore him now, don’t claim to be a fan in a couple of months time when he is huge, okay? Good. Because people like that annoy me. I don’t need to tell you how amazing Willis is, it is pretty much obvious really. His voice is enough to crush the world’s strongest person. He is what the music industry is. America, you got lucky with this one. What has England got? Well, judging by last week’s Brit Awards it is fair to say FUCK ALL. Oh, but I forgot..we can’t have an opinion on that can we. Bullshit. It was fucking stupid and let’s face it, Kate Bush is beyond awards. She doesn’t need your approval.

So, Willis. You need to listen to his music. The video was illustrated and directed by Willis which just shows how amazing he is. He is a TRUE artist, and you just know he will not be compromising who is in order for you to listen to him. The fact he does it HIS way and is real, that makes him accessible and just a pleasure to listen to. I have every bit of confidence that he will have a longer shelf life than most. Much like one of his inspirations; Tom Waits.



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