Wax Idols.

24 02 2012

Listening to bands from the West Coast isn’t really helping my cause at all. It’s making me want to leave shitty England more than I already do. It’s making me ache for the beaches more than ever. And the dirty bars that play the best Garage Rock I’ve ever heard.

Instead, I’m going to have to settle for grey skies, polluted beaches and listening to bands like Wax Idols in my room. This isn’t what I want. Not now, not ever. Don’t get me wrong, I love Wax Idols, but I want to be listening to them in a better environment.

So, what exactly do you need to know about Wax Idols? Well, I’ve got the time and for some reason, patience to give you their history- but let’s face it, I won’t. Because if I do, I will rant until the wee hours and fall asleep on the keyboard. It isn’t a good look, but I’ve done it more than once. “Errr…Live..do you really need to write that? Now? It’s 3am.” “JUST ONE MORE SENTENCE….” Head on keyboard. I’ve slowly stopped doing this. For the first time in month, I have a stable sleep pattern. What I mean by this is..I cannot stay awake past midnight anymore.

Wax Idols are fronted by the astounding and fucking stunning Hether Fortune, yep THE Hether Fortune. Used to be in one of my favourite bands, Hunx And His Punx (I think you have to be a certain kind of person to “get” and enjoy his music..by this I mean MENTAL.) Wax Idols for me, pick up where Riot Grrrl left off. If it was up to me, it’d still be alive and kicking you in the face. But for some reason, it faded. However, you do still have bands that have that feel to their music. They’re as bold as Bikini Kill and make you want to dance like Le Tigre did..but they have that garage rock sound going on too. Basically, every kind of sound I love is in Wax Idols. This is the kind of band that makes you go so fucking dizzy from shaking your head to the beat. You come close to passing out, but the only way to stop it- is to just carry on. The best way to avoid anything bad, is to just carry on. And do what you do. That’s some sober life advice for you on a Friday night.

Wax Idols are the band you need playing in your bedroom. Whether you just want to scream some brutal songs on your own, or get intimate with someone- whatever. This band is just everything. They hold the power to destroy your eardrums in such a passionate way. I’m going to let them do it. I’m playing them so loud through my headphones, and I don’t care if it stops me from hearing for the bext few hours. This is a good kind of pain..like getting a tattoo (I’d say piercing but I cried when I got my nose pierced.)

In an ideal world, my dream girl would listen to Wax Idols and Gold Sneakers would be our song..but I know it won’t happen. So I’ll just fall in love with the band with every listen and forget any desire of romance because a raw, loud sound holds more meaning to me right now.




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