More noise. Just as noisy and HARD as Sex Church. Possibly louder? I have no idea. My ears are going to hurt after I’ve written this. I’m still not convinced I’m playing this loud enough. I don’t feel like my ears are going to burst and bleed just yet. I’m waiting for that to kick in. I think if I carry on, I’ll have made myself deaf by the time I’m 30. If that happens, I doubt I’d have a point in living would I. Happy Monday to you ALL!

Pop.1280 are on Sacred Bones are affiliated with my favourites Sacred Bones so obviously I feel a lot of love towards them. This is the kind of music that makes you want to start a fight. I don’t condone such behaviour, but there’s always a few bands that give you this feeling. Don’t ever ignore it. Always go with it, but for fucks sake be partially safe? Listening to Thirteen Steps, it is kind of hard to not want to thump a person the chops right now. Maybe it’d be safer to start a Wall Of Death instead.

The band have this angsty feel to their music that can be found in early Nine Inch Nails records, which is probably why I have fallen hard for Pop.1280. I have no idea who or what influences them, so I will not be making assumptions. Just daft comparisons that may or may not make sense. They come from New York City. Home to most things I love and virtually nothing I hate. I guess I should just live there right? Someone help me live the dream. L.A. or New York- I am 100% with either. The name of the band does indeed come from that gritty novel by the awesome Jim Thompson. Dark and heavy stuff, would you want it any other way? No. Of course you wouldn’t because this is where the passionate kind of music resides.

Sure, if you want the whole “I sure love you baby” kind of thing- then you won’t dig this at all. There’d be more chance of you enjoying having the shits than liking Pop.1280 if you cannot handle the heavy stuff. Why take a boring love song over something so ruckus and grand? Maybe it’s because I am a quite person who loves noisy music. I don’t know. I’ll never know, somethings you need to leave unknown.

It is fairly obvious that The Horror is one of the year’s best releases, and so fucking typically industry schmucks are going to overlook it. This pisses me off. It pisses me off more than you or I could imagine. THIS IS INCREDIBLE, and what are you going to do about it? This is too good and loud and bold for you to ignore. It’s like a beautiful girl at a party, except you don’t want to stare at the girl, you want to listen to EVERYTHING she has to say. This record is THAT girl..if we’re going down that route, and I seem to have taken us down there. I should say sorry, right? No. I won’t apologise for this and how Pop.1280 make me feel. That’s like saying sorry for being honest. Never say sorry for that.

I love all that Pop.1280 make me feel. They have the same vibe that made me fall in love with Cold Cave in 2009. The dark, honest and menacing feel that makes you so fucking glad to be alive, and to savour every breath. And every listen. I’m always looking for something that can make me feel like this, always. And I’ve successfully found it in Pop.1280.

Pop.1280 have a sound that makes you want to head to a dark, cramped underground bar where those who think and feel the same as you do. Dressed in black in a worn out leather jacket and boots (this is me on a daily basis.) Losing yourself in the sounds, and finding that part if you that you thought had died. They’ve given you another a chance at life. Go with it.


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