Being Buffalo-Before We Fall Apart.

19 02 2012

I know I just wrote about Sex Church, and how I love how dark their sound is. Well, I’ve just been sent a band that are the polar opposite to that. Sex Church are aggressively perfect. Being Buffalo are calm and soothing. I have no idea where my emotions are heading right now.  One minute I’m listening to music that could tear your face off, the next I’m listening to something that just makes you want to hug someone. I’m enjoying it.

Being Buffalo have been writing and performing together for the past 4 years. It does have a Folky vibe to it- but it is the kind I actually like. I have rage for certain “Folk” artists. The kind that have fans that “only buy vintage” and think drinking tea makes them sophisticated. It doesn’t. It just means you like tea- like most of us. I should probably talk about the record now before I let it all out.

Before We Fall Apart is the band’s debut record. Right now, the track I Don’t Wanna Grow Up makes me want to go to my room, pull my duvet over my head and just shout this song at anyone who wishes to talk to me. I’ve had enough of being an adult. It’s hard-work and I am no longer a fan of attempting to do the right thing (the amount of people I apparently piss off because I do what makes me happy is mental. Fuck ’em!) This song actually helps. I’ll probably yell the lyrics at the next person who has a go. I’m ready. Before We Fall Apart is a gorgeous and hopeful record, and you wouldn’t be wrong for thinking, “How is this only a debut record?!” It sounds like a healing process and at the same time.

I could sum up this band in my own way, but I probably would cock it up mid-way so instead, I’ll just repeat what has been said already, ” Being Buffalo have the ability to lift you from the very low, or simply make your eyeballs wet.” What I love about Being Buffalo, and their debut record is how honest it is. We are told lies on a daily basis from newspapers to those who claim to love us- you can ALWAYS find a glimmer of honesty in music, and you will truly find it here in Being Buffalo’s music. I adore the harmonies on their songs, especially on Let Us Out. It feels like a euphoric realisation. Like you have been waiting for that moment for a long time.

You can catch the band live at the following :

22nd March- The Boileroom, Guilford.

8th April- The Brook, Southampton.

26th April- Half moon, Putney



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