The Men.

19 02 2012

Unapologetic brutal, chaotic noise. That’s what I love. That’s what makes me love music and life. I don’t want to hear something without substance and the potential to NOT cause a riot. I want the opposite. The extreme opposite, right now. And I’ve found it..okay, so I found it a year ago, but I am sometimes slow with things/put it off and find something else to do. It’s a shite trait to have, but I have it. And I don’t think I’ll ever part from it.

As you know (maybe, maybe not) I am a HUGE fan of the Sacred Bones label. I have been since around…2009. It all came from Zola Jesus. I have this thing where, when I really love a band or singer- I read up about the label they are on and find other artists I may dig on the same label. For the most part, it really works in my favour. Sacred Bones are proof of that.

So what do you need to know about The Men?

Well, they are from Brooklyn (look, I really can’t help it if most bands I love come from here. There’s evidently something in the water, drink up!) There’s four of them, but their sound is so fucking huge and astounding- it sounds like there is at least 10 of them. It is big, fuzzy, loud and will more than likely make you feel as if your face is being ripped off in the most pleasurable way possible. This is what I get from listening to them, and I love it. If a band can make me feel like my face is melting, I’ll love it.

Leave Home is an incredible album that you really do nee.d However, REAL SOON their new record, Open Your Heart will be released. It is going to be as loud and passionate as before-that won’t ever change. You know when you hear a band and think, “Fuck…They are ALWAYS going to be this loud and brutal.” That’s what The Men make you think.

Enjoy a track from the new record :

Open your Heart is their third record and by rights, will steal your heart and ears.



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