Dum Dum Girls-There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (cover.)

19 02 2012

I hate covers, it’s a known thing. I also HATE it when anyone touches a song by Morrissey or The Smiths. My utter hate for this was fully justified when some person (I’d use bad words, but I’m trying to be good) RUINED Please Please…during Christmas here in the UK. Hey John Lewis- UP YOURS.  That cover was fucking awful. I don’t care, it was utterly dire. The person RUINED the song…she took away EVERYTHING that song was, and all it stood for. I reckon those who enjoyed it probably first heard of The Smiths because of 500 Days Of Summer. Brilliant film, but caused many to claim to be fans of The Smiths..and all they have is a greatest hits album. Again, ARSES.

Rage aside, I am going to mention THAT song from THAT film. I used to have this song sung to me when I was a baby. It explains a lot. It has a lot of meaning to me because, I’ve never ever felt at home anywhere. Never have, and at aged 25- I’ve realised that I never will. It’s cool. Means I don’t have any ties, y’know? Why settle when you can wander.

There Is A Light is as popular as How Soon Is Now? which has also been ruined by various..people. I’ve found an exception.

You know how much I love Dum Dum Girls. I love them, for so many many reasons. From their music to their style to the lyrics. I love everything. I love Dee Dee’s voice. It is so clear and pure. Only In Dreams was one of 2011’s best records- why did you ignore it? I still have the urge to sing Bedroom Eyes to anyone who will listen, but I won’t. Don’t worry.

They covered There Is A Light well over a year ago. I should probably have written about it then, but as per- something else probably had my attention for a split second and I forgot. Better late than never.

EVERYTHING about this cover is perfect. It doesn’t strip away any of the meaning. As much as I love Dum Dum Girls- if this cover was shite, I’d say so. I’d rant to high heaven about how angry it made me. It does the opposite. If anything, it makes me love them even more than I already do. They’ve got the intro on point. Dee Dee’s voice is a haunting and delicate as Morrissey’s. It’s just utterly perfect. Do I love it as much as the original? I want to say no, but I just can’t. I love it. Both versions have a special place in my heart that a person probably couldn’t own. Bring on the challenge if you want (would you bother? No. Didn’t think so.) but it’s a hard task.

When it comes to The Smiths and Morrissey, I’m not laid back at all. However, when a band like Dum Dum Girls can still create the same feelings as the original does, well, it isn’t so bad at all.



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