Just Like Honey.

4 02 2012

The Jesus And Mary Chain are my favourite band of all time- that will never change. However, when I hear about someone covering them, it causes me to get a bit angry and sad. They never seem to get it right. Why? Because they’re not The Jesus And Mary Chain. I can let it go when it is for a good cause though.

I was just reading something on a site, and I saw Seapony had covered Just Like Honey. It turns out 11 bands have all covered this song for charity. I read up about it, and I honestly think it is one of the most beautiful ideas I’ve seen in a long time.

If you head over to : http://justlikehoney.co.uk/ You Indie kids are in for a treat.

More importantly, if you click here : http://justlikehoney.bandcamp.com/album/just-like-honey you’ll be helping out a really good cause.

Information from the page reads :

I’m running the London Marathon for Breast Cancer Care  (www.breastcancercare.org.uk).  I asked 11 bands I featured on my podcast  (www.JustLikeHoney.co.uk)  to cover the same song: Just Like Honey (original by The Jesus & Mary Chain). The compilation costs minimum £8 (about $12) but you can give more to support more people affected by breast cancer.            

This is a wonderful idea, and one I will contribute to for sure. I’m not going to say anything about the artists that are featured on the compilation at all. It wouldn’t be right, but I can tell you that every single version is brilliant. No version ruins the original. Each version is done in such a perfect way. Some have take onboard the distorted sound, others have made it sound more vulnerable. This is a charity that is so very dear to my heart, as you know- so please support it.

Thank you.




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