Birdeatsbaby-Feast Of Hammers.

I know they say you should never judge a book by its cover, and I guess you should never judge a record by its artwork? When Feast Of Hammers arrived in the post this morning (thank you Mishkin!) I instantly fell in love with the artwork. It has an anchor on  it; this is why I love it. Aside from the artwork, the album is really bloody good.

I’ve already said before why I love Birdeatsbaby, but listening to this record I am finding more reasons as to why I love them. They’re just so fucking mental. I love mental music. The kind that just makes you think, “Did they just say that?!” Or just the general feeling the music gives you. Take their lastest single, Incitatus- if this song doesn’t creep you out or feel like something is chasing you, then you’re not listening to it properly. Watch the video to it. It is so fucked up and beautiful. I’d stop watching it, but I like how much it scares me. It’s so damn eerie. If Kate Bush went extremely weird- this is what she would’ve sounded like for sure.

I have only one problem with this record, and I’m going to mention it now before I carry on- it isn’t long enough. I know there’s 12 tracks, but I want more. I want a double album or something. I know the only solution is to just play the record over and over- which is what I intend on doing. I know I banged on about Lana’s album, and how dark it was. And how much I love it. But, Lana my dear- this is your competition. Having said that, as soon as Garbage put their new album out- I won’t care about anything really. I’ve been waiting since 2005 for a new record, and it’s coming. However, I will still be playing Feast Of Hammers. It’s a record that you just cannot ignore, and if you’re dumb enough to ignore it. Then I’m going to assume you love really awful folk music.

Feast Of Hammers is not for people who like pretentious arty music or who think wearing a dead person’s jacket is cool. Nothing is cool. Cool doesn’t exist. Unless you’re name is Lou Reed. Feast Of Hammers is so damn raw and brutal. I could listen to Mishkin’s voice all day (again, I plan on doing so.) I don’t need to really tell you how good this record is, you should already know by now just how brilliant Birdeatsbaby are. If you’re someone who is partial to listening to music based on how strange the band name sounds; then Birdeatsbaby are for YOU.

I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that Birdeatsbaby get the recognistion they truly deserve with this record. I know a lot of bands throw tracks on a record just to fill space, but that doesn’t happen on Feast Of Hammers at all. Even the Interlude fits perfectly. It belongs there, even though it only lasts just over 50 seconds.

Feast Of Hammers makes me feel like I am sailing on a haunted boat in the dark. Ghouls and demons are preparing to launch themselves upon me, and evil spirits are lurking to take over my body. Bring it. It sounds like a bloody good time to be honest. So, if like me and you’re sick of every wanker announcing that it is snowing all over social networking sites- fuck them off, and go watch the new video to Incitatus. It’s just weather- no big deal. Go enjoy some fucking eerie music that makes you feel like Edgar Allan Poe has possessed you with his twisted and glorious words. This album is just awesome.

Play it loud, play it all the time. Treausre it FOREVER. This is a beautiful record that just really, deserves your attention. It’s out real soon and your can purchase it from :

I know I could’ve written more about this record, and probably wrote down better things- but just go get the record. Then you’ll see how remarkable it truly is.

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