Swim Deep.

Forget what you’ve been told about who is going to be big this. Just forget it, because in comparison to Swim Deep- they are shite. I’m all for outrageous and outlandish statements. This is one I’m going to stand by. Regardless of what happens, I’m sticking with this one.

I do believe I have also heard the best song of the year ALREADY. You know how I Want You By Summer Camp made me feel last year? I’ve already got that feeling. In my bones, body, mind, heart and soul. This song makes me feel so alive. That nothing matters. This song feels like Summer, and it’s fucking freezing outside. King City is THE song I am talking about.

Swim Deep come from Birmingham. I know what you’re thinking, has anything good come from the Midlands? Of course! Nobody seems to talk about it though. I don’t know why. So, forget anything you have heard or been told- this is THE ONE. This is where it is at.

Of course I feel strongly towards the track King City because it makes reference to THE best bassist around, Jenny Lee Lindberg. The line, “..and Jenny Lee Lindberg is my girlfriend.” is just so lovely. I know a few people who will be singing this line with a huge smile on their face. I’ll be one of them. I mean, who wouldn’t want Jenny (or any of the Warpaint girls) to be their girlfriend. King City just makes you want to lay in the sun and fall in love with something, or someone. It’s just beautiful.

Check out their Soundcloud account for a couple of stunning tracks : http://soundcloud.com/swimdeep

If you don’t love them, you’re missing the point. If you do love them, then I love YOU.

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