Charles Haddon- 1 Year On.

20 08 2011

A year ago today Charlie Haddon from Ou Est Le Swimming Pool sadly took his own life after the band played at Pukkelpop.

My best friend and I bonded over our love for certain bands, Ou Est Le Swimming Pool was one of them. We saw them support La Roux in 2009 in Birmingham. Front row. We were the only ones who knew every word to Ou Est’s songs. It was just an awesome night.

Last October I was fortunate enough to go to Chazzstock at Koko in London, a memorial and celebration of Charlie’s’ life. The band only put out one album (The Golden Year) but that one album was truly stunning.

There’s so much one could say about this, but it has been said by so many already, and it still doesn’t seem right. It never will. Just like with Aaliyah and Amy Winehouse. It’s tragic and it’s painful, but we always have the music.

When I bought Cat’s Eyes album I noticed a song was decicated to Charlie, it is truly beautiful.

Support a worth cause.

R.I.P Charlie, you are missed greatly xxx



2 responses

4 06 2017
Steven G

Bug fan of their’s, not sure if you’re still on this site. Could you describe their set list when you saw them live?

9 06 2017

Hey Steven. The set consisted of their debut I think!

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