The Kills- Blood Pressures.

This may or may not be a biased review of The Kills’ new album, only because they are one of my favourite bands ever. Their 3 albums (No Wow, Keep On Your Mean Side and Midnight Boom) are works of genius. Maybe I’m in the minority that feel that way- aside from fellow fans of The Kills.


In 2008, Midnight Boom was my favourite album of the year. In 2011, Blood Pressures became my favourite album of the year.

The Kills are a band that you cannot help but admire. I don’t think I could trust anyone who couldn’t see the beauty and genius in Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince. They make so much noise for two people. They’ve proven over and over that you do not need to have 5 people in a group to create something so utterly fascinating.

The Kills do have a significant sound. It sounds violent, dirty, passionate and raw. For me, that makes a band. If they can create something that sounds like a brawl, then I will probably love them.


A lot of fans have said that Blood Pressures is The Kills going back to the sound of No Wow and Keep On Your Mean Side. To an extent, maybe this is true. I just see it as progression. To me, it sounds like a bigger version of Midnight Boom. The Kills create music that makes you want to either beat someone up or tear your clothes off, and someone else’s. I’m sure this says more about me than them by saying this, I don’t care. I just love the bones of this band. Everything about them is all I want in a band. They just ooze purity.


The album starts with Future Starts Slow which is like a massive kick in the face. It’s big, it’s brutal. The album is so bloody fearless and vulnerable. “But I’ll never give you up .If I ever give you up my heart will surely fail.” That’s one of my favourite lines from the album. The way Jamie and Alison have a way to just deliver the most heartbreaking line over the most aggressive sound is mind blowing. From the start, you just know that this album is going to own every part of you.

Personally, my favourite track off the album is The Last Goodbye. When The Kills do slow songs, they do them extremely well and in a way that just tugs at your heartstrings. The song sounds almost like a hymn, just the way Alison sings such personal, heart-felt lyrics is enough to make the strongest person get teary eyed. The line, “How can I rely on my heart if I break it with my own two hands?” Is so painfully true and it hits you in the gut. You really feel her pain in this song. That line is easily my favourite from the album. The sheer honesty is, well, there are no words. You have to hear it for yourself. I can only imagine how beautiful yet hurtful this will be live.


I could easily go into depth about each song on this album, but it’d bore you to death. Just trust me that you need this album in your life. It makes me want to drive off somewhere, except I can’t drive so I suppose I’ll have to make do with going on a train. It’s got a road trip feel to it; a lot of their songs give off that vibe.

Also, go see them on tour in May. It is the most intense thing you will ever see. You will be in awe of Alison and Jamie’s chemistry. You’ll go home wishing you had someone with that kind of connection with, it’s astounding.


Maybe this review is biased, but it isn’t wrong. From start to finish Blood Pressures has you in some kind of trance and when it ends- you just press play again, and again.

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