James Blake.

James Blake has caused me to appreciate a side of music that I ignored for a while. I’ve always paid close attention to lyrics. Lyrics are important to me. I find other people’s words fascinating- mainly because my own can be quite invalid. Hearing how another says a certain word to make it have more meaning than it used to, well, it impresses me.

However, along comes James Blake and all I can hear is layers and layers of amazing sounds that cause me to feel something strange. I’m not entirely sure if I’m going to be able to word this successfully, but I’m going to try.


The sounds are haunting. The way his voice echoes over the music causes your body to just freeze and you think “BLOODY HELL!” Obviously language may be slightly more vulgar, but you know what I mean (my mum may read this and I don’t want to swear too much!)

When I first heard Tell Her Safe it felt like I could believe in new music again. I played it over and over for weeks but there was nobody I knew I could share it with because well, nobody would care. So I kept it to myself, as usual. Everything about him is quite indescribable; no words can express what his music does to you. It just elevates your soul and nothing around you actually matters. All that matters is this piece of music that James Blake has created.


I have mixed feelings about seeing him live. Whilst I am fully aware it’d be a glorious experience, I like the feeling of escaping listening to his music in the dark through headphones drifting in and out of sleep. I think if I fell asleep at a gig (again) it’d be frowned upon. It’s an internal battle that I’ll have until I decide to see him.


Limit To Your Love is a lovely cover; however one cover that surpasses this is A Case Of You, originally by the wonderful Joni Mitchell. It’s just gorgeous. There is something about it that reminds me of Antony & The Johnsons. I’m probably alone in this, as usual. However comparing this cover to Antony & The Johnsons means it is THAT mind blowing. I’m not a fan of Feist, so when I heard he had covered one of his songs part of me didn’t want to know, but it works. I’m not exactly the world’s biggest fan of covers, yet there are a select few that eclipse the original.


What Was It You Said About Luck is my favourite (for now…it will change, it always does.) a vulnerable voice over a keyboard is something that you cannot fault, ever. Unless the singer is shite, obviously!


Just because James Blake did not win BBC’s Sound Of 2011 doesn’t mean you should ignore him- or the others that didn’t win. Just because the winner is thrown at you constantly, doesn’t mean it is good (I’m not slagging off Jessie J, she can sing- I’m just not a fan of her songs) but seriously- give James Blake your attention. Buy his album, turn off the lights, listen closely and allow the music to take you somewhere. Somewhere better.



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