Aaliyah Dana Haughton.

25 08 2010

In 1995 sometime I had MTV on. I was about 9 years old, and I saw this girl singing in a video on a basketball court. I fell instantly in love with everything about her. I loved her clothes, her voice…everything. I just thought she was amazing.

Her music got me through hell…that was also known as school. And even when she passed, her music still got me through some shit. It is easy to focus on how she died, but it won’t do any good. It won’t bring her back and it won’t stop it from hurting. I wish there was more music, I wish there was more films…but you have to accept at some point that they’re not coming back. Some things are just hard to process, but it’s okay. Three albums, a load of b-sides and film soundtracks- we still have the music. Nothing can ever take that away.

And through every bad thing, there’s a good thing waiting. It’s how I got one of my best friends. Okay, this is getting too personal..so I’ll just add some of my favourite videos.

4 Page Letter.

One In A Million. < Favourite song ever.

We Need A Resoluton.

More Than A Woman.

Hot Like Fire.

Try Again.

Back And Forth.





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