Happy Birthday Aaliyah.

16 01 2010

Today would’ve been Aaliyah’s 31st birthday. There’s nothing I can say that has already been said about how talented and beautiful she was. I became a fan instantly when I first saw Back And Forth on telly in 1994 or 1995. I thought she was the coolest person ever with the baggy jeans and sunglasses. Everything she did always sounded so new and different. You listen to some singers now, and you can tell that are trying to be as good as her, copy her style. But she truly was One In A Million. Nobody comes close, never have. Never will.

No other song has sounded like this : We Need A Resolution.

This : At Your Best (You Are Love). < The vocals are amazing..she was like 14/15. Mind=BLOWN.

This :  Are You That Somebody?

And of course, this : One In A Million.

I could put others like Try Again, 4 Page Letter, Hot Like Fire..but you already know that every Aaliyah song was just brilliant.

There will never be another like her. Ever.



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