Aaliyah Dana Haughton

16 01 2009

There’s one singer who for me, was and always will be my favourite. I may love other singers, but this one is the most special. I hate that I have to write it all in past tense when talking about her.

Today would’ve been Aaliyah’s 30th birthday. I remember first hearing Back & Forth and falling in love. I was only young, but it was enough. I started really caring about music because of her, and if I’m honest when I hear R&B singers now, I can’t help but think “Aaliyah did it first.” I think most of her fans feel the same way. Her sound was like no other, yet every other sound a bit like her. Her dancing was flawless and her voice was relaxing. You could listen to One In A Million and be sent to your own little world.

Although she was 22 when she died, she accomplished a hell of a lot. Two successful films, 3 amazing albums and an army of loyal fans. I managed to finally get hold of Romeo Must Die on DVD  a few months ago! However, her eating a heart in Queen Of The Damned did make me feel a bit nauseas! Watching those performances, there’s no denying that she would’ve played lead in a bunch of films and more than likely won a bunch of awards!

I’m going to attempt to list my Top 10 Aaliyah tracks. I’ll probably change my mind as soon as I click on “Publish.” 🙂

10.Journey To The Past

9.Messed Up

8.Miss You

7.If Your Girl Only Knew

6.At Your Best(You Are Love)

5.Try Again

4.We Need A Resolution

3.More Than A Woman

2.Turn The Page

1.One In A Million

I want to make it more than my Top 10 because I feel Hot Like Fire should be in there and 4 Page Letter. Those two are timeless. Classic videos too. So for the record, I’ll probably want to change my mind but won’t. Can’t forger rare tracks like Are You Ready?, Steady Ground and No Days Go By. Oh, and I Am Music (Timbaland and Static)

She was the only singer that I really wanted to meet. Her signature sound/style will never get old and will continue to influence.

This is probably the longest blog entry I’ve done, and is probably quite lame/pathetic but..whatever.

I forgot to add this video I found on YouTube, it’s a live performance which shows Aaliyah quite possibly at her best. I love it 🙂 Aaliyah- If Your Girl Only Knew (Live)

Happy Birthday Aaliyah ~/.\~




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