I always seem to search for music that makes me feel like I am hearing Psychocandy or Seventeen Seconds for the first time. If it is has a tense atmosphere, and freaks me out a bit- I’ll probably end up being a fan.

I’ve found a band that have the right level of eeriness and intensity in their sound. A band that take you back to peak 80s Goth music mixed with something you have yet to hear. Twin Tribes are probably the best band in from Texas right now. They sound like they were formed in a desolate Berlin alleyway- which is a brilliant sound, and it’s something I really admire. If you love bands like Cold Cave and GLAARE; then Twin Tribes will probably win you over. They also remind me slightly of Drab Majesty, which I really love.

Twin Tribes are a fairly new band, but don’t let that deter you. They sound like they’ve been at this for decades, and their sound is so evolved, and so solid. This duo has created something truly beautiful in such a small amount of time. You can pick up on influences in their sound, but you can also hear things you have never heard before. They have this passionate yet delicate sound. There is haunting tone throughout their songs that lures you in. One passing listen isn’t enough, they are truly a band to invest a lot of time in. They have this really strong atmosphere in their songs that takes you away from where you are, and they create a beautiful world for you to fall into. Shadows is definitely one of the songs that send you elsewhere. Not so much an out-of-body experience, but an escape of the mind. Sometimes, you just need this and Twin Tribes do this in such a careful and beautiful way.

They have this feel to their sound which I liken a bit to Sextile. Sextile are a hugely important band to me, and the way in which Twin Tribes leave you feeling utterly¬† enamored¬†by their sound, for me, is like Sextile. These songs were made to move you in all ways possible, and in ways you never thought of. The Vessel is my favourite song by them right now. I love how the synth creates this soothing tone, and the vocals compliment it so beautifully. There is a gorgeous darkness in the music, and that’s another thing I really admire about them. Only two of them, yet they make something effortlessly gorgeous and grand. It just makes you want to do the same.

Lapiz Lazuli has this heaviness to it, which isn’t felt in many of their songs. I really like this heavy sound because it’s really different to what I’ve heard so far, although it is a brief instrumental it has something that makes you go back to it. It may be a brief song, but there is something in it that hits you right in the gut. You don’t always need words, and this song proves this in such a majestic way. Still In Still is also another song that has a real tense feel to it, and is definitely one to keep going back to.

Sometimes when you listen to a band, you can’t help but let yourself imagine what their live shows would be like. I’d imagine a Twin Tribes show to have an eerie atmosphere in a small venue, and the songs would all be heightened owing to the addictive energy in the room. Twin Tribes is a band that you cannot help but become obsessed with, and I cannot wait to hear more from them.