I’m fascinated with duos. How two people can make incredible sounds leaves me in awe. Most of the bands I love are duos. Some are noisy, some create hypnotic calming sounds. The latter applies to my latest obsession-Trust.

Canada has produced some amazing bands. My all time favourite being Metric. Now, Toronto has given us one of the best acts around- Trust. My love for them was instant and will more than likely spiral out of control. Typing this is like having a conversation with myself because I doubt any of my friends will dig Trust. They’ll probably give me that look that I am all too familiar with. I have to share my love of music with someone or something, so I write it here. Maybe one day, someone will pick up on it. Trust have this heightened feel to their music. You feel like you are being taken to this secret world. It feels dark, but also really really euphoric. For me, it feels like an outer body experience listening to them.

If you’re a fan of The Knife, Alpines..bands like that- then you’ll love Trust. I’m typing this and every inch of my body hurts. I’ve got some horrific cold going on, I can forget how awful I feel by listening to Trust’s beautiful music.

They make me want to shut my eyes, stand in a forest and let a wave of darkness just take over. Then I open my eyes and I am in the midst of a strobe light battle. It creates such vivid imagery in your mind. They have the dark feel of Bauhaus but the trippy feel of Warpaint. To say I’m in love with them is an understatement. ¬†They’re the kind of band that when you listen to them, you think “I’ve been searching for this sound all my life.” A relief takes over, and you know nothing is ever going to be the same again now you’ve found them. There’s hope, darkness and wonder in their music. Escapism comes through in their music, let them guide you. You’ll probably discover something utterly beautiful.