In January this year I wrote about a band that instantly blew my mind. I listened to them before I saw a photo of them. When I saw what they looked like, I thought “I’ve seen you before.” Turns out they were once called Scarlet Harlots and were on Orange Unsigned back in 2008. I used to watch it every weekend. I loved them then, and I always wondered what happened to them. Now I know.

Troumaca are easily the best thing to have come out of the Midlands since….well, that’s up for discussion. Whilst most are obsessing over other bands from the Midlands (and rightfully so, most of them are decent) Troumaca are creeping up, and it is only a matter of time before you start listening.

Summer is a season. Summer is a state of mind. Troumaca are a feeling; Troumaca are a state of mind. The Grace embodies this. The Grace is a stunning debut record. It has the ethereal bliss that is found in the likes of Tamaryn and Beach House. However, let it be known that it sounds like nothing else you’ve heard before. A calypso vibe surrounds the whole record. You know when you hear something so wonderful and perfect that words just do not do it justice? That’s The Grace all over. When I heard Lady Colour ages ago, I hoped that the whole record would have the body of this song; I’m so happy that it does. The dreamy state that flows in and out of this record is breathtaking. Troumaca place you in a trance that you never want to snap out of. I don’t know what the come-down is going to be like when the record stops. There is always the repeat button. Always.

What I love about this record is that each song is story, and to an extent they are stories that the band have lived out. Trees is about struggle, Ivory is about death. Some of the songs you can just tell are personal experiences, and even if they aren’t- you still connect to them as if they were made for you. The music throughout the record has a carnival vibe to it, even if the lyrics to some songs are quite sad (Ivory for example.) The Grace is the perfect record to just make your mind feel right. You feel every note and every word deep in your soul. You can tell straight away that Troumaca make music that comes from a deep place. For most when they make music that comes from a place like this, it is usually quite dark. As I said above, Troumaca sound like nothing else which is why they are not like the familiar. What they have to offer the listener is a wealth of bliss. Where else are you going to find that? Looking out the window sometimes does the opposite, music doesn’t.

A lot of music I listen to seems to sound perfect at night. I listen to Troumaca and they sound like a brand new day. Everything about their music evokes change; for the better. Of course you will get those who wish to label them a version of whoever, but I hand on heart, cannot liken them to anyone. All I can tell you is that they make you want to sway like Warpaint do. Troumaca’s sound is like no other.

Sometimes when a band say they are “experimental” we are quick to roll our eyes and be instantly bored before we hear anything. However when you listen to Troumaca, everything just sounds new. Everything sounds in place. The Grace sounds and feels like falling in love. Being content in the silent moments you share with the one you love and loves you back. There are no awkward fillers on The Grace. The tranquility in the songs flow gently in and out of your ears. You feel at ease. Everything that was bugging you ceases. Everything you cannot fix no longer matters. The Grace is made up of beautiful moments that you want to live out over and over. How can you repeat the beauty? Easy; you just keep on hitting repeat.

Troumaca give you that relaxed sensation of staring out at a bed of water as the sun’s rays glisten in your eyes. If you’ve ever listened to the band Poolside then you’ve probably experienced this feeling before. It’s a feeling that we should desire to seek because when you find it and feel it- it is simply beautiful. I cannot tell you which songs are the stand-out tracks, that’s personal opinion. My personal opinion is that The Grace is quite simply one of the best records to come out this year. One of the best debut records of the year. Best UK record? I think it’s fair to say it is. To pass up on a band like Troumaca would be foolish, and nobody wants to be a fool.

The Grace is out next Monday. Buy the record and let your beautiful journey into escapism begin.



Any band that has “BRING US GOLD, WOMEN AND WINE.” written on their bio section is going to be pretty incredible. I’d probably change whisky for wine though. Or probably fruit tea. I need to stop being a chubby person, so basically swap everything in life for fruit tea. And 2 hours at the gym every day. Throw in a nap too. Not at the gym, that wouldn’t be fun. No thanks.

Troumaca are from Birmingham. They’re not on a Swim Deep or Peace bandwagon. Far from it. They sound nothing like them, which is good because we have one Swim Deep and one Peace. I don’t mean this in a bad way at all, I bloody love Swim Deep. Troumaca are on something else. They also used to be called Scarlet Harlots and were on Channel 4’s Orange Unsigned back in 2008. Whilst at Uni, I used to spend my Saturday mornings watching this show. I developed an obsession with the band then. But then they split and are now reborn as Troumaca.

They have a tropical/calypso feel to their music. I guess if you didn’t know any better, you’d probably think “But how can a band from the grey Midlands create something so colourful?” Quite easily. Troumaca have this brilliant gift to glide in and out of your eardrums in the most sensual way possible. They just make everything alright. In a way, they remind me slightly of Foals but with more focus on the sounds. Obviously only a fool would deny how great Foals are, and Troumaca too. Imagine seeing them both live? You’d leave completely relaxed and in the most blissed-out state possible.

Troumaca have a wonderful hidden tribal feel to their sound. They have big drums but everything else surrounding it (including vocals) is so sensitive in comparison. The echoing chants on Sanctify are unreal. You know, everyone has their opinions on who is going to be massive this year. I guess that’s alright, but everyone is falling for the same bands over and over. It’s pointless because it means you’re missing out on the good stuff. When you buy into what everyone tells you to enjoy, you forget what you actually like. There is so much good music out there, you really cannot limit yourself to what certain publications and the like tell you to enjoy. Obviously what I say is good doesn’t mean someone else is going to enjoy it. I’m never right about music, I know this. Doesn’t mean I’m going to stop seeking out new music and not ranting about it. Troumaca deserve to be praised and shouted about it. I know I’m not the only one to love them as much as this.

In short, end all hype and like what you want to like. Whilst you’re at it, go listen to Troumaca :

Their EP, Virgin Island is out 25th February. Probably the most exciting band to emerge this year for sure.