When a singer can passionately unleash a fraction of any feeling you may have once, or currently feel, in a way that you simply cannot do.

I dislike current musicians that claim to be Folk, when really they’re just someone with a guitar. They spew out lyrics that hold no meaning; no one can relate to the pretentious mess that pours out of their mouths. I’d happily name them, but that’s not very nice is it. Still, I dislike them. However. HOWEVER, there is one guy who could be classed as Folk, if you wanted to play that game- that’s if you don’t really pay much attention to his music. If you listen intensely to Jenson Tagg, you will hear someone who has been influenced by the Blues. His music sounds like how Jack White would sound if his music was slightly stripped back. Jenson has so much power in his voice- he’s just a brilliant musician.

His music is an infusion of Rock music and the Blues. He merges them in a careful way that keeps a genuine tone in his voice; why he isn’t known by EVERYONE is beyond me. I really don’t get it. But I guess if you look at the Top 20 you’ll see why. His lyrics are perfect, and his debut record Scream shows just how beautifully talented he truly is.

Scream is a stunning debut that causes you to drift off, in a way that means you aren’t paying attention to anything or anyone around you. As you listen to him your thoughts are sort of aimed at something or someone who once happened. There’s a lot of longing on this record (Come Home pretty much sums it all up.) But, my favourite track on Scream is I’m Done! It’s a song with attitude, although when you listen to Jenson’s lyrics, you get the feeling his a real gentle soul. Those kind of people are the best.

Honesty is lacking in people. You’ll never meet an honest sales person or politician, you just won’t. People tell lies to keep you around, I guess we are fools for believing them. Or maybe we’ve fooled them by making them thing we believe them. I suppose the latter makes us as bad as them. But in music, you will always get honestly. Scream is a record that is a creation of honesty,I’m Done is the song that just expresses all of that fury in a few minutes. A few glorious moments that exposes being fed up and uncomfortable. Two things which I can probably relate to more than I wish to.

Over the past few years Jenson has toured up and down the UK, written two records worth of material and has played for the athletes for the Olympics 2012. His music is for anyone, you don’t need to be a music snob on this one. He has this magical way of tugging at your heartstrings, but at the same time just offering you a blanket of comfort with his open lyrics. The fact that his words at times are vulnerable means you connect more. To connect to lyrics/songs is a beautiful feeling, because we live in an age where everything is summed up by how many “friends” you have on social networking sites to how many photos you upload to that bloody awful Instagram shit. STOP HASHTAGGING. Sorry, it gets me angry. Anyway. The fact that Jenson is so open with his words means you can take them in a way that fits you. Whatever mood you’re in, his music can either heighten it or soothe you. An equal balance done in such a way that means you cannot help but treasure his music.

His debut record, Scream is out on 7th October.