King Dude.

“You can break my heart just please don’t break the rest of me.”

Some of the best music is heartbreaking. It hits you in the gut, rips your heart out and leaves you crying into a bowl of cereal at 4am. That’s when you hit rock bottom. I’m waiting for it to happen. I’ll probably find it too funny and shrug it off. One day, I will learn. I will learn when it is too late. When all I have is that bowl of cereal, probably gone soggy and at 4am I will let it all out. I’ll weep..and I’ll be unsure why. I hope it doesn’t happen. But if it does, I’ll crawl towards my records and play something. Anything. Just for an escape. A release that is greater than anything I have ever known.

But sadness will come to all. Happiness will come to us all eventually. It lasts, it doesn’t last. Love can last, love can cease eventually. If it has been building up inside of you for a while, you know it will never leave. Even if it hurts. Sometimes it is worth getting hurt. Personally, I’d rather get hurt than never know. As I get older, I can deal with hurt better than I did when I was younger. I am by no means tough though. Far from it. I just know what works and what doesn’t.

The emptiness you feel cannot be filled with the first thing that comes your way. It takes time. Just don’t put all your faith into one person. I’ve learnt that one must never ever do that. When you hand your hope to someone, they crush it. I’m not being a morbid fuck, I’m just being honest. I’ll be honest here but keep a lot from others. Those that may know me, probably don’t. This is my outlet, thank fuck. Not that there’s anything wrong. But not like anything is right either. Everyday is the same, so try something different. It’s just getting someone to try. That’s a fucking drag. But hey, whatever right? Whatever indeed.

So I should tell you about Kind Dude now.

It all ties in. All the nonsense above ties in.

Kind Dude is the solution to loneliness and desperation. So dark and gripping. It’s like a David Lynch film but less of a mind-fuck. Let it be known, and let it be believed that TJ Cowgill is a genius. The way he taps into your subconscious and unleashes every ugly and every fragile feeling you hold is nothing short of genius. Many try to grasp the concept of these things, and mess it up along the way. It is fair to say TJ does it in a way no one else has done, nor will they ever do.

He makes the kind of music that makes you want to sit alone in a cabin in the woods with a bottle of GOOD whiskey. None of this cheap shit. His haunting lyrics match Townes Van Zandt’s, the way he truly truly delves so deep. Music is lacking heart, but the heart is kept alive by the likes of King Dude. It’s all well and good saying something moves you, but seriously, King Dude moves you in a way unlike any other.

You Can Break My Heart is going on my list of favourite songs of the year. It’s just perfect. We all know someone/have someone in our lives that we’d let hurt us more than anyone. Sometimes you’ve just got to let that happen. Let it out, and let it hurt. Let them hurt you, but you’ll probably hold them as they apologise. But would they apologise? They can destroy your heart, but they cannot destroy you, the person that you are.

There’s blues, folk and a hint of lo-fi. Basically, there’s a lot to love. If you can’t love this guy, then maybe you’ve never been low or been hurt. If that’s the case then you’re lying or you are the cause to problems.

If you’re looking for someone who can ease all those intense and unwanted feelings; King Dude is the one you need. If you are unafraid of exposing yourself to dark feelings and such; King Dude is for you. I hope I’ve not portrayed him as a morbid soul because he really isn’t. He is just one of the very few who can fully grasp ugly feelings and turn it into a work of art. He turns it into something beautiful.

In short, King Dude is that light at the end of the tunnel, as they say. You can always find comfort in music. That breakdown doesn’t always have to happen. Sometimes a song can save you and hold you up.

You can listen (and please do) to his work here :