Clara Engel- The Lovebird’s Throat.

“Disembody my voice, let the rivers fly up to the stars. I’ll never look back, and i’ll never look down.”

Last year, I developed a healthy music based obsession with a Canadian singer called Clara Engel. I loved everything her music did to me. It made me feel like I was in some kind of horror movie being metaphorically chased by demons and ghouls. Everything scared me, but at the same time made me feel like I had found a singer that I needed to have amongst my collection. A singer that speaks so much truth in every single song. A singer that I will always back and be constantly frustrated that isn’t signed. A singer that deserves all the hype these manufactured idiots get, and she gets virtually none. If I had my way, I’d have my own label and all those I love (and aren’t signed) would be signed, and would basically take over the world. However, I am familiar with “you don’t get what you want.” SO true, so very true.

Clara’s words are as sinister, romantic and as honest as my favourite writer of all time- Edgar Allan Poe. Her lyrics read like an Edgar Allan Poe story. The Lovebird’s Throat is such a gorgeous EP that I wish everyone could hear. For anyone that somehow sees this- please get a copy of it. Everything you have ever heard before will not mean as much as her new EP does. Everything you have ever heard before may seem shallow in comparison to the depths in her music.

The Lovebird’s Throat takes you on a devilish trip to the underworld. If you want to come back from it, you’re not listening to it right. If it makes you want to slip further into the dark-side, then you have connected. Her music will drag you from hell and into a world where such feelings aren’t only just felt by you. The atmosphere she creates is nothing short of perfect. The tension and fury in her voice leaves you in awe. She’s a much-needed force, there is no denying that at all. She’s a singer I cannot praise enough. The Lovebird’s Throat is an EP I equally cannot praise enough, you may as well call it as one of the best EPs to come out this year.

You can get The Lovebird’s Throat from Clara’s bandcamp page :