CORPORATIONPOP: The Chester Road Demos.



There is something quite poetic about daily life, and it is thanks to poets like¬†Elise Hadgraft that we are able to find comfort in the mundane tribulations of daily life. Her words remind you of Pulp mixed with the genius that is, John Cooper Clarke. Those that observe closely write the best, and that’s what makes Elise so bloody great.

Her words are beautifully spoken over gentle synths that fortunately do not overshadow her wonderful Northern accent. We all know that Northern accents are the best- this wouldn’t work if she was from elsewhere. You feel as if you are in her living room with her slurping on lukewarm tea as you become engrossed in her words. I love how gorgeous her way with words are. There is something so raw and powerful in how she is fearless with her words.

She may shoot you down, but she’ll do it in a way that doesn’t hurt. A sharp tongue like Morrissey mixed with lighter Suicide sounds. For me, this is ideal. This is what I want from music and from poets. That unapologetic honesty that puts you right where the writer is coming from.

You Write Songs is probably my favourite on the EP so far. I love the picturesque cleverness in her words and how she says them. It also comes across in Before The NME Was Free has this romantic bitterness to it that makes you remember the days when the NME was a respectable broadsheet publication. Now it’s just..well..Topman fodder isn’t it. You see them every week lurking outside train stations, the poor sods, trying to flog free copies of the NME. As the day progresses, you see more and more wet trodden in copies on the floor. Can’t even give it away.

Sylvia Suburban has some of the best lyrics on the EP. You can’t help but think of someone who fits the description of Sylvia. You partly feel bad for them, but the other part of you can’t help but smirk at the accuracy of it all. Or maybe you are Sylvia. For me the makings of a great writer are those who can really make you vision everything in what they are saying, everything they are trying to evoke in their words stirs inside of you. You connect. With each listen you reconnect. There is no switching off here at all.

There is one line on this EP that I love so much. I love the tone of Vintage Lingerie, and for me the line “Your new girlfriend smokes slims. Dances like she swims.”¬†is just genius like- like John Cooper Clarke observant. A sharp-witted tongue that will take no prisoners. There is so much to love about Elise’s words and how she delivers them, and I think in some respects it is HOW she says it that really makes you connect with her art.

It is a proper work of art that hangs in your mind rather than on your wall. The words echo daily. Over and over.