Most will argue that Punk is dead. I suppose to an extent they are right, but sometimes you find something that still holds the value of Punk and stays true to the roots of it. One of the most disrespectful things to have come from any of this is the term, “Pop-Punk.” I’m pretty sure Joey Ramone would vomit upon hearing most of the bands associated with this ridiculous type of music. He’d probably shake his head at the sight of that singer from Paramore’s hair. It isn’t a stem of Punk at all, it’s truly awful. But, I suppose I’m in the minority of thinking this. And I’m fine with that.

But, like I mentioned, there are bands that have the roots of Punk about them. Pony Time are a brilliant duo from Seattle. One beats the shit out the drums, the others makes a lot of beautiful fuzzy noise. The vocals are cried out in a true Punk fashion and are meant for sweaty, intimate clubs for you to scream along to.

They’ve been making music for some time now, I thin they started back in 2009. I’m currently listening to the reverb fest that is Go Find Your Own. This record is made up of ear bleeding and skull shattering tunes that will shake up the soul. They’ve got an excellent eerie feel about their sound, as if it should be in some abandoned horror b-movie. Two people are making this sound; just two people. Sometimes you don’t need a gang behind you to make something as brilliant as this.

My attention span is questionable at times, and with their songs being around 2 minutes long- my attention isn’t swayed when I listen to them. They’re another band that make you wish you could pick up a guitar or play the drums, and make your own noise. Pony Time have got this amazing Garage Rock style about them; a true basement band that are playing with sheer determination to be heard. Pony Time are evidently a band that you cannot ignore. Or in my case, a band that I really cannot praise enough.

Their bandcamp page is full of records that you can stick on repeat until the early hours. If my neighbour starts being obnoxiously loud again, I’ll turn the volume up. Garage Rock will always beat shitty Dance music. Pony Time’s ferocious sound is enough to make you want to throw your body about in a non conventional and unapologetic fashion. They’re pretty much everything I want a band to be. They send you off on a glorious lucid trip as you lose yourself perfectly in their music. Music is the perfect thing to forget everything to. Sometimes we don’t want a daily reminder of how shitty things can be, so you stick your favourite record on and it is all okay for a while. That’s all you need sometimes.

Can Drink 100 Wine Coolers (for even the title alone) is probably my favourite Pony Time record. I guess it is because you get a real feel for a band with their first record. The three that I’ve listened to have all been a step up from the last, but still have that punchy feel about them. Pony Time are another band that reinforce my idea that duos are the best. They play a little bit harder and louder; Pony Time sound like a band that really come alive when you see them live. I have no idea if they have any plans to play the UK, but if they do- I hope they play a creepy and small venue for a handful of bodies to sweat and thrash about to furiously.

You can listen to Pony Time’s music here: http://pony-time.bandcamp.com