Soul Circus.

So maybe a place cannot define a sound. Or maybe a sound can define a place. I’ll always stand by the North of England giving us the best music. I think this comes from my massive love for The Smiths/Morrissey. There will always be that North/Soul divide won’t there. It’ll never go away. I guess it’s a form of healthy competition. Take Yorkshire for example. Some really cool bands have come from there (my mum’s side of the family come from Yorkshire so I will be biased, not even sorry) such as Pulp, The Long Blondes, Arctic Monkeys,¬†¬°Forward, Russia!, Bring Me The Horizon and now…..Soul Circus.

As long as a band are honest and create something I can relate to, there’s a huge chance I’ll love them. I’ve never understood the appeal of that whole “lad rock” scene. You know the kind. Bands like Oasis and the lead singer wears a football shirt, and drinks beer on stage. That’s not for me at all. Maybe because I’m a girl? But hey, gender should never be important when it comes to music.

Soul Circus are from Leeds. Burn The Map is out 14th May, and it is produced by Whiskas (he used to be in Forward Russia.) The video is awesome, as are their jackets. If you have a good jacket and good shoes-I’ll like you. And if you make really good music, I’ll like you. So I clearly do like Soul Circus. Even if they weren’t from Leeds I’d still have love for them.

They’ve shared the stage with the likes of The Subways and The Enemy, and they’ve also supported the charming Miles Kane. So it’s fair to say that Soul Circus are a big deal. If you don’t know, get to know. Their live shows are what has given them a name. Playing the likes of Isle Of Wight, Reading, Leeds. Whilst most decided to check out the “big names” those with a bit more wit about them opted for the bands that not many may have heard of, and probably witnessed how great Soul Circus are. They’re just a solid Rock band that deserve to be heard. They’re music is an aid to letting go and getting on with life. Sure it is hard at times, but what good does living in the past do? None. Because you aren’t living. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER (Bridesmaids reference, I had to.) And listen to Soul Circus. Also..check them out at Live At Leeds on 5th May. There’s always something magical about seeing a band in their hometown.

Also, the single comes as a two CD double package thing with a free sweet. Even if you’re diabetic, you shouldn’t miss out on this (but maybe give the sweets to someone else..)