It doesn’t matter about the kind of music you expose yourself to and fall in love with, what matters is how it makes you feel. However, the only person it should matter to is you. What you like, another will hate and vice versa. Make music your own.

Some singers can get to the core of a feeling, and even if you’ve not experienced it, you feel it too. It goes beyond being powerful. It goes beyond moving you. It takes you deep into the unknown and stays with you. Orlando Seale is one of those guys who does this.

He and his band have been labelled as the male version of Florence And The Machine. This is a bold statement, and was coined by beautiful weirdo Noel Fielding. As someone who loves Florence a lot (one of our pet rabbits is named after her) I was a bit dubious about this statement. I remember the rawness of her debut, Lungs and being terrified and in awe of such beauty and despair in the lyrics. I can see why Orlando has been given this label.

His lyrics are heartfelt and full of the feelings we try to push down. All Of The Dogs has a line that just hits you, “Sometimes I want to hurt you.” We’ve all been close to someone who makes us feel this way. They drag out the ugly feelings in us and compress the good. They can pull the good out, but it only touches the surface. He has this gorgeous way of taking you back to a time full of pain and dislike for yourself and what you were becoming, he allows you to face it. Albeit a few years too late to undo the damage, but you know to never do it again. Carry the burden and never let on what it did, what you did. This is all in one song.

Prior to making music, Orlando was living in Los Angeles and his girlfriend at the time lent him an old Eliot Smith guitar. She then left him. He left Los Angeles. He returned back to London and something charged through his songs giving them some kind of menacing tone. Songs that are romantically brutal, crushing and adoring. Like I mentioned about Kingsley Chapman And The Murder this week, Orlando too writes unconventional love songs. My idea of love and your idea of love are different. Some go to the typical sides, I’ll take the dark Nick Cave side of love. Always. Feel it and feel it to the core until it burns through you.

There is so much soul and power reeling through his music. You know that this is a band that HAVE to be seen live. There’s a lot of them on stage, but not in an annoying Arcade Fire kind of way. A cult like feel almost, you’ll chant along and leave no longer questioning all those doubts in your mind.

Sadly I missed his show in December at The Lexington. I probably had a migraine. I have more of them than a person probably should, and it gets in the way. But this is the kind of music to take you somewhere bloody brilliant and it makes you feel entirely fearless. Go for a run or something whilst listening to Aeroplanes, you’ll feel invincible.

You can listen to their tracks here:

The band have a two date residency at one of the best venues in London this month at the Sebright Arms on the 25th and 26th March.