I didn’t find Dallas Frasca on my own. No no, instead a good friend from the other side of the world just pointed them out to me (Mark, he’s in a band called Royal Chant and they’re the best people I have yet to meet but we are friends regardless.) I always listen to suggestions, and when I do I seem to take my time in writing about them because I can be quite lazy. Yet there are instances where I listen to something and I simply just HAVE to write about them.

Dallas Frasca are another wonderful band from Australia, but they sound like they are from the murky depths of Nashville. The kind of band Jack White would love to get his hands on, and make them collaborate with Seasick Steve. In my head, this is going to happen. It has to happen. I’ve got a bit excited over this. Dallas’ vocals are so powerful, even if you don’t have the volume turned up loud; her vocals will still blow your mind and tear your eardrums in the most beautiful way possible.

Their song, All My Love is the good side of catchy (doesn’t take a genius to work out the bad things that are catchy really does it.) Her vocals on this are so empowering and glorious. I cannot help but wonder how people go on about their daily lives without hearing such a band like this. There are hints of Blues and the true essence of Country in their music. It is like, Townes Van Zandt meets Muddy Waters. My kind of music.

I feel a bit silly writing about Dallas Frasca because they are a band that simply require no words. All you need to do is listen to them, maybe with someone next to you and you both nod in agreement (and in awe) of how fantastic they are. Nothing about them makes you feel like you are in this era; you feel as if you are in a past life where music was actually of worth and had some meaning. Of course there are bands around that give music some bloody meaning, but a lot just prance about for money. There’s no passion there. I’m going by record here, and I can truly hear the passion in the way Dallas, Samuel and Jeff play. There’s so much strength in their music that just makes you believe in them.

Loaded Silence is 5 minutes of making you feel like you are invincible. A feeling that I am not entirely familiar with; but will enjoy when felt. Burnt Toast is ridiculous. Dallas’ voice on this posses that delicate growl that’s only ever been heard in one other: Janis Joplin. Everything about Dallas Frasca just blows my mind. I don’t know if I could look at someone in the eye who didn’t fall even slightly in love with them.

I think most have heard people say that the true essence of Rock & Roll is dead, or that guitar music is bland. These are the people who probably buy into reality shows. Thing is, that’s not reality. It doesn’t take a modern-day Einstein to realise that those programmes are rigged to high heaven, utterly disgusting and disrespectful to those making music for the RIGHT  reasons. That’s a completely different subject, and will end up with me being called various names. I don’t fancy that right now. Dallas Frasca are pure Rock & Roll. They are on a different level to most things out there, and the thing that makes them so accessible and easy to love is that every word sung by Dallas is true.

The Blues influence here is something that immediately lured me in, and I doubt I’ll be crawling out anytime soon.

You can listen to their music here:https://soundcloud.com/#dallasfrasca

They are also playing some dates in London over the next week or so. Go see them, and have your mind blown.