OH, THE GUILT: Darkest Days.




Bristol is home to many bands. Many phenomenal bands from the likes of Idles to Emily Breeze. There is a scene there that has no boundaries, there is a scene there that we all want to be part of. It feels like a real family unit. You can really sense that everyone is backing each other, irrespective of the genre, there is so much love and respect there.

I’ve written about Oh, The Guilt before and I’m late to the party in writing about Darkest Days. It’s a 7 minute song that deserves to be at the top of any list you make (good ones only, don’t be a dick!) I have a weakness for songs that have intense build-ups and songs that last over 5 minutes. I love the euphoria that smacks you right in the gut, and my god Oh, The Guilt completely and utterly nail this. Everything about this song is the definition of perfect. Single parts come together and just create this utterly divine song. It’s not a song-it’s a blissed out symphony.

How can a song this vital yet precious come alive in the form of a music video? Quite easily. The video to this beautiful song is shot in such a captivating manner. It is so powerful, and do emotional. You find yourself listening to the song, then immediately going back to the video. Then back again to the audio; it’s a song you need to play through headphones to truly pick up on every detail in the song. The drums are phenomenal, they are definitely one of the best moments in music this year. You want to keep it on a loop, and just lose yourself in them. I liken the drums to Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint) on Warpaint’s debut record, The Fool. Everything about Oh, The Guilt reminds you of what you love about music and what makes you fall in love with certain songs, and specific parts in songs.

Elijah, Hannah and Chris have created something truly beautiful with this song. The way Hannah annihilates the drums, and each crash wonderfully echoes into Elijah’s guitar is so captivating. They all come together with this sound that is glued together with Chris’ bass. Each of the create moments in this song that make it a work of art in its most purest way. The video reinforces the sheer beauty in the song, and the video adds more vulnerability to it- which is just absolutely gorgeous.

I’m not going to go on and on like I normally do. I want you to just take some time out of your day, bin off Christmas for a bit and play this song. All 7 minutes and 46 seconds of it. Allow yourself to have this time, and just breathe. And just be. Be whatever the hell you want.






Sometimes you hear something by a band, and you immediately want to go to the place where it was created in order to feel the music on a different level and to understands what it was born from. Bristol is home to several bands I’m obsessed with (Spectres, Candy Darling and 2:54 are originally from there also.) These 3 bands in their own right create creepy music and have a handful of songs that could terrify the meek. Bristol has always in some respects been ahead of bands in other places. The eerie sound comes naturally, and as someone who seems to only really fall for music like this- Oh,The Guilt are ideal.

Oh, The Guilt are described as “Post-Punk.” I’ve never been sure of what that means, where it came from or why it exists, but in this instance I’ll go with it. Much against my hatred of labeling things. I can forgo it here. Oh, The Guilt have a real heavy and somber feel to their music and that’s probably why I instantly loved their sound. The guitar sounds like something Rowland S Howard would be proud of. There’s something quite menacing about their music, and I hope (and believe) it comes across in their live shows. I’ve yet to see them, but if anyone wants to pay for my train fare to Bristol next month so I can see them and Candy Darling then, I’d be really grateful and I’ll make you pizza. Desire to see this band live aside, on record they sound like a band that have been around for ages. When a band can have such a perfected sound instantly, it makes you believe in them more than most. Besides, any band that supports Chelsea Wolfe is going to be nothing short of great anyway.

I like music that isn’t afraid to test the listener and to take them out of their comfort zone. There’s nothing worse than listening to something that makes you feel totally safe. I want to hear something that will probably give me nightmares and make me question everything around me. That’s what is part of the charm with Oh,the Guilt. They don’t make you feel reassured or that you aren’t being chased round a desolate building. I always go back to it, but if something can make me feel like the Seventeen Seconds record by The Cure then I know I’ve found something I’m going to love for a long, long time. Oh, The Guilt have that hypnotic and chilling sound that would make anyone want to start their own band. It’s a grand sound without being overpowering. The drums remind me of the heaviness of Sleep and the first 2:54 record. It’s full of doom and I love it. This is the kind of music you listen to when it is cold, grey and murky outside. This won’t make you feel like the summer is here, far from it. This is what you blast through your headphones and imagine yourself in some frightening forest as someone chases you around the towering trees and as branches claim parts of your clothing, you’re unsure if you are going to get out. It’s all in your mind, so that one is all on you.

I could quite happily write thousands of words about this wonderful 3-piece, but I’ll save it for when their EP comes out on 19th March.

You can pre-order it here: https://ohtheguilt.bandcamp.com/track/watch-yrself-2 and you will receive the decadent and wonderful Watch Yrself straight away. If you’re lucky enough to live in Bristol, they are doing an EP launch show on the same date with Candy Darling¬† and The Plainviews playing also at The Stag And Hounds. Tickets are only ¬£5.50.