Beat Mark.


I don’t know much about French music, but I did go through a stage of listening to nothing but French Hip Hop. I was 15 years old, and I’m not sorry. Even if you can’t understand French, their Hip Hop scene is pretty good. But if you want something else then maybe try Beat Mark.

Soft Power Records do not put out shit music. They’re like Art Fag Records, Sacred Bones Records and Zoo Music. They just put out music that MUST be heard. Music that is of worth, and by that I mean music that I love so this is obviously going to be biased. Thing is, I don’t write about what I don’t like because although I can be shit at times; I have my limits. Don’t slag someone off who is doing their job. Are you the one selling records and on stage singing your heart out? No. Then shush. I will sit down with you and tell you why certain “folk” singers/bands are toss though. I don’t have an issue with that. Anyway, Beat Mark.

Beat Mark are from Paris. They have captured the true feel of Shoegaze and have made something entirely dreamy. I don’t mean in a swoony kind of way. I mean that, Beat Mark make you feel like you are dreaming and judging by all the hate in the world, this is something that we all need. I can imagine living in a city to be quite exhausting at times (try living on the Isle Of Man, that’s a billion times worse) and possibly frustrating. Like a wild animal trapped; so you search for an outlet. Never judge a person’s way of unleashing how they feel, unless they punch you. Then maybe they need a cuddle. I’m convinced the world would be more gentle if we all hugged more. Anyway, tangent. Sorry. Beat Mark have a brilliant suave vibe to their music, and the female vocals that appear add a gorgeous delicate tone to their songs.

I think it is obvious that Beat Mark are my kind of band, and that’s why I’ve written about them. Purely selfish reasons, but it’s the only time I am so it’s okay. Beat Mark are the first new release of 2013 on Soft Power Records on the 15th February. Don’t buy into the Hallmark Holiday the day before, invest in Beat Mark’s EP, Move On instead. The release is limited to 100 copies on cassette, so be wise and purchase it ASAP.

You can listen to the EP here: The title track is 6 minutes and 20 seconds of sheer bliss.