Molly Nilsson.

“…sometimes¬†I don’t understand you, but you’re the abstract art in my modern museum.”

Maybe the body is made up of ghosts that haunt us all with our past mistakes, taunting us when we least expect it. Maybe we can feel it coming on, but we cannot get rid of it. It is easier to chase away what troubles someone you care for rather than facing up to your own demons. Trust me, I know. But I like to pretend. Everything is a defense and not much means much, anymore. A disgusting and cruel town is bad for the soul. The soul is more delicate than the heart. You see, when a heart metaphorically breaks, something or someone can put it back together. When your soul has been crushed and rejected, I don’t think anything can put it back together. I know I’m alone with this, I guess that’s why the only sense of peace I get is when I listen to certain kinds of music. It’s like, when I listen to Cold Cave I feel as if someone gets it. Wes Eisold’s lyrics have been a lifeline for me for so long. Much like how the Bleed Like Me record by Garbage saved my life when it came out. These are things I can write down but never actually say the words to anyone. What use are my words when all I have felt and ever will feel, have been felt before by others? It just doesn’t matter.

But you know what does matter? Music. Music that comes from the soul. Music that sounds bit dark and creepy. Sinister and loving images are conjured up.

Molly Nilsson.

I know NOTHING about her, and this is what I love. I don’t want to know the ins and outs of bands and singers I love. I wish to know nothing about their lives. I just want to hear their music and take what I want from it. I may be wrong, I may be right but I really don’t want to know what my favourite singers/bands had for lunch yesterday you know? What use is that? None at all.

Her lyrics are open and frail. The music is eerie. So basically, she is everything I love. The lyrics are full of questions, desire, love, lust, loss and hints of death. To face such exposed emotions like this is something, even if you don’t dig this kind of music- you must admire in a way. I’m massively into lyrics which is probably why I like the kind of music I like. I feel no connection to what is play-listed on certain radio stations because it means nothing to me. Not because it is commercial, I think anyone who disregards something because it is classed as mainstream is a bit of a tool but hey, can’t have an opinion. I just dislike it because for me, I can’t relate. But I must admit that a lot of underground music can be quite toss too. It’s up to YOU to find out what you connect with. I have no shame in admitting that I think Call Me Maybe, annoying as it is, is a bloody brilliant pop song. Oh, and I think Kelly Clarkson is fucking amazing. I shouldn’t have to justify myself, so I won’t. I never will. But fuck me how can I love that kind of pop music but write about someone like Molly Nilsson? Quite easily really.

Certain places just produce amazing music. Manchester, Sheffield, New York, Los Angeles and Sweden. Bloody hell Sweden, your music scene is fucking incredible. If you’re a bit lazy, you’ll make the generic comparisons. I cannot be doing with that. I think if I was a singer and this happened to me, I’d want to strangle all those wanky Music “Journalists.” For me, Molly just sounds like well, herself really. I don’t wish to compare.

Wounds Itch When They Heal gives off a Kraftwerk vibe. No this isn’t a comparison, I’m just saying that same euphoric feeling is there. I feel as if I’m arguing with myself because no one is going to read this. Anyway, one must continue.

You Always Hurt The One You Love (I’ve read it’s a cover, I’m not sure)¬†has this fucking brilliant Calypso thing going on. Yet, if you listen to the lyrics, you sort of see yourself in the song. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. However, if you know you’ve hurt someone and you apologise straight away then you are better than most. I spend most of my time saying sorry. Maybe I should stop.

To make the music Molly Nilsson does takes something more than passion and strength. I don’t know what it is, but I know I can relate to most songs and that is enough to make me love her music. A lot.