Back with a bloody vengeance, heroes of the North East, Kingsley Chapman And The Murder have yet another unconventional and untypically passionate love song for troubled and untroubled lovers. Or in this case, not really lovers. Lovers that need egging on so they actually become lovers. Or, become lovers once more.

The fury in the piano mixed with urgency in Kingsley’s voice just makes this one of the finest declarations of love you’ll hear in a long time. Probably all year.

The truly wonderful thing about the band is that they sound like they’ve been together for decades. Lovers oozes the eeriness and desire that’s found in Murder Ballads (if you don’t own a copy, then your record collection is naked and incomplete.) The lyrics in Lovers is that of someone who has truly watched in awe the person they lust after. We’ve all done it. Sometimes it ends in the worst way, and sometimes it works out.

I’ll admit, I’m not one for fawning over a brass section and pianos, but Kingsley and his band have proper nailed it. They’ve made it accessible and they’ve made it dark. It’s like Poe meets Cave in a sordid bar whilst munching on a parmo. It’s nothing short of brilliant. You cling onto every word that falls beautifully from his mouth, the brass section is composed brilliantly. This goes beyond being “just music.” It’s the song that can make destined lovers collide at 2am when the world is falling asleep. It’s just a pure and unfiltered dedication of love. It could melt the coldest of hearts and tame the wild ones.

I have a handful of bands/singers that when I listen to them, all I want to do is write about them constantly. I don’t care if it means repeating myself or sounding boring. The whole point of writing about music should be because you adore it and simply cannot live without it. That’s what you get from Lovers. You instantly get the urgency and unconditional admiration within it. “Your city won’t love you like I do” it’s on a par with something Morrissey would write. I bet Moz would hear this, chuckle to himself and think “This guy knows.” He bloody does know.

Love songs can be sickly. They are the “no added sugar” 39p can of pop from your local shop. Lovers is the opposite of that. Lovers is a bold and vulnerable masterpiece. Play it loud. Serenade the one you want, serenade your pet or just sing it loudly whilst alone. Drink a can of 39p pop if you want and let the sugar substitute send a rush to your head and Lovers act as a push to the body.

You can buy Lovers on 7″ at the end of next month which is out via Too Pure. Only 150 copies will be available. You know what to do.