King Tuff.

“When you bury my body, make sure I’m wearing all of my rings.  And my  favorite clothes. Yeah, everything with patches and everything with holes.”

Sundays are boring. Every day is boring, in this boring town..or whatever it is. So, you ignore everything and everyone around you to find something that makes sense. You spend hours, days trying to figure IT out. Fuck knows what IT may be. You’ll never know what it is. You’re not supposed to. You’re never meant to figure anything out, because you’ll hit 70 and think “I still don’t know now.” I live that way, and I’m not saying it is right. Nothing is wrong, nothing is right. I belong nowhere and to nobody. You wouldn’t want to claim this as your own. This is leading somewhere, and I’m going nowhere. Eyes open and it is all a nightmare. Close your eyes and nobody can touch you. What is it that you want? Legal highs and illegal thoughts. We are all so fucked up, so just enjoy it. Who cares? Probably no one. If they are staring at you, wink at them.

I don’t understand what I just wrote, and I don’t think I wrote it so you understood. King Tuff yo. King Tuff. You need this guy. I needed someone like this guy, and I just exposed my ears to him. Heart has just been won over. I hope he sees this (somehow) just so he can see how much his music can touch someone with first listen. Listening to his voice makes me feel like I am on drugs. Now, I’ve never taken drugs in my life (I’ve never wanted to, but I don’t care if someone takes them- just be safe..and if you think you can fly..PLEASE GO SIT THE FUCK DOWN. YOU CANNOT FLY.) Anyway, King Tuff is probably going to be my Summer music love. I’ll listen to him and I’ll pretend I am somewhere else. It’s better if I do this with my eyes closed obviously, as when I open them- I hate my surroundings. Dear reader, never visit the Isle of Man. It’ll drain your soul and you just may end up hating yourself. Someone please get me back to London or Manchester. Or if you’re feeling super kind- Los Angeles. I’m okay with any of these three places.

You need King Tuff because there is something extremely fun about his music. Alright, I hate myself for using the word “fun.” I don’t think I’ve ever used that word to describe anything. I’m sorry, but it is a really shit word. Much like “cool.” Or “sexy” Or “nice.” Words are quite toss at times. Much like the words I write. I feel like I owe every band I’ve written about a huge apology.

King Tuff creates music that I refuse to lump into some kind of pretentious sub-genre just so I look like I know what I’m talking/typing about. I know nothing, nobody knows anything. I just really love music, and I’m writing this out of love. I’ve got a lot of love to give you see..and I think most of it right now is being directed to King Tuff. So here’s the thing, if you want to escape. If you want to feel like Summer is hugging your bones or something delightful- King Tuff is for you. His voice has that beautiful delicate but woeful feel (like Christopher from Girls. It is honestly beautiful.) You crazy Garage Rock kids are going to piss yourself over this- this is excitement to the fullest. Or maybe you already know about King Tuff? I know nothing about his background, where he’s from, his favourite member of Backstreet Boys (if he has one, please let it be AJ.) He just creates music that’ll make you want to lose your mind. Or lose that last part of it. Never keep hold of your mind. It’s either you lose it yourself, or someone does something to you in order for you to lose it. Always do it yourself, never let a person get that close.

King Tuff makes you want to just find a quiet place and take his music in. Do something poetic or whatever such as..inhaling it gently and slowly, allowing it to get right into the depths of your soul. Baby Just Break The Rules is one of my favourites. Look, if King Tuff says you should break the rules- then you should. It’s why they’re there,right? I condone small acts of rebellion. Go on, do it. Nobody is watching anyway. They are too busy staring at their own reflection, pretending to be all they aren’t. Whilst hating themselves on the quiet.

King Tuff is close chums with a guy I really fucking love. Hunx (as in Hunx And His Punx.) King Tuff aka Kyle Thomas was also in the bands Feathers and Witch. So it’s pretty much fair to say that this guy knows exactly what he is doing. But does he know the power his music actually has? Or maybe I just feel a lot towards really good music like this? I don’t know.

His self-titled record is EASILY one of my favourites of the year. I’ve already put Warpaint’s second album as my isn’t out yet, I don’t even know when it is out/if it is out this year, but the place has already been taken. So when I do that annoying and clichéd thing of listening my favourite records of this year- I will be mentioning King Tuff. You need his music in your life. If you think your life is missing something (everyone gets like that, you’re not alone kid.) Then give King Tuff a listen. Maybe you’ll fall in love, I hope you do. It won’t hurt, not like the other times where you thought you had. This time, it’ll be real. Swamp Of Love, to me is such a beautiful love song. If I ever met someone (god help us both) I’d probably want them to listen to this. I doubt they’d understand, so I’d have to end it..and go back to my boring life of books and records. doesn’t bore me. It doesn’t bore me anymore now I’ve got King Tuff.

Dear Kyle Thomas, I, I know I love you. Thank you for making such beautiful music!