As you may know, last week I finally fulfilled my desire to see one of my favourite bands, Cold Cave live. It was something which I had been waiting for quite some time. Being able to wait this long for certain things seems to be a common theme running through my otherwise average life. Electrowerkz was the perfect venue for Cold Cave. However, I do believe it was the support act that pretty much set the atmosphere for the evening.

I’m one of those people who has to arrive just before doors open because I need to see the support band. I need to see them because for the most part, you are witnessing something nobody else has yet heard of. Sometimes it is the first time the band have ever played live. It’s a sacred moment on many levels; and equally beautiful.

A duo took to the stage, covered in black. I knew immediately I was going to fall in love with them. They stood, and the music started. The music started and it felt like some kind of outer-body experience. Live music does this to me most of the time, and I guess it was heightened last Thursday because of Cold Cave.

Natural Assembly are a mysterious duo who just captivate you in the most haunting way. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the stage as they played eerie anthems in a Thursday evening. The haunting synths with vocals that could freak the most stable person out was quite simply perfect to witness before Cold Cave took to the stage. I remember just listening so intensely to Natural Assembly. I felt my body move and sway to the synths. My eyes were firmly shut at times; I cannot remember what I was picturing, but I remember what I was feeling. These are the kinds of moments that stay with you.

I’m not really one for saying who a band are made for. Natural Assembly can appeal to anyone; but mainly those who want music that gives them an elated feeling whilst in the midst of darkness. A new romantic vibe surrounds them. They are just absolutely brilliant and are one of the most memorable bands I’ve ever seen live.

As I watched them I just wanted to hear more and more. I wanted the night to go on for longer than it did. The gig (including both bands) brought a feeling I’ve not had from a live show in a while. All I know is that Natural Assembly make music that has a sense of urgency to it. Sure their sound may take you on a freakish kind of trip, but it also has some kind of apocalyptic feel to it.

I’m writing this listening to them and the same feeling is taking over. This is when you know you have found a band that a worth everything you feel. They are totally worth investing in. I’d like to mention that Forever Falling is so far, their best song. If you want power and fury; you’re going to find it alive and well in this song. One thing I can tell you is that Natural Assembly have that wonderful romantic atmosphere to their music that is found in Cold Cave. Maybe they should do a split 7″ together or something. It’d become an essential collectable for music lovers like myself. Both create dramatic music that makes you glad your heart is still beating.

I bought a t-shirt of Natural Assembly as soon as their set ended. Something inside of me knew I had watched a band full of something refreshing and much-needed that night. There was something there that just set off a bunch of emotions I have towards music. I sincerely hope they become massive and gain a cult following like Cold Cave have.

However as much as I adore the band, I know I cannot make you feel the same as I do. So, maybe you should do the right thing and listen to their music here:

Enjoy and don’t be afraid to be afraid, and to feel.

I wear my Natural Assembly t-shirt with nothing but complete and utter pride.