SUMMER IS HERE! Oh wait..no it isn’t. No, it’s gone. Unless you’re in LA. It never rains in Southern Californiaaaaa..but it fucking pisses it down in the UK. That’s a better version, more accurate. Alright, so I no longer really care for much. I’m at that point now where I want to turn my phone off and never turn it on again. I want to stay indoors and avoid my own reflection. Avoid mirrors and anything else. I don’t know what it is. I think all the constant job rejections are taking their toll. I’m getting too serious, and you really don’t need to know about how much of a failure I truly am. So, let’s have some music that does the opposite of making you feel like shit alright?!

Poolside isĀ an LA based duo. If you’ve ever read anything I’ve written you’ll know I have huge love for LA and the music from there. I’ve never been there, but in my heart I know I’ve got to live there. I want the dive bars and basement bands. I want the rough and uneasy. I want to struggle in the sunshine. I want to leave England, basically. Poolside are nothing short of heavenly.

They make music that makes you feel good about yourself. There’s something there that no other band can probably pull out of you right now. It’s impossible for any other band to get this fucked up feeling out of you. They make you want to dance, drink as many cocktails as you can before you feel like you’re going to vomit out a rainbow. They just make you feel so alive. I want to make shirts and banners, parade them about with them reading “LISTEN TO POOLSIDE.” You’ve got to listen to them kids, you’ve just got to.

The duo’s new track Slow Down makes you want to hide in the shade and close your eyes. Forget doing anything at all when you listen to this duo. You won’t be able to keep up the focus. Your brain will wander off and your eyes won’t know where to look. Juts try to relax and take in the beautiful moment.

You create your own beautiful moments in life. They can be anything. Some may regard it as looking deep into the eyes of the person they love. Then you have those who feel listening to a certain song just creates that beautiful moment. I’m with those kind of people. They’re the kind I’d want to be chums with. Poolside’s sound has been described as “daytime disco” if anyone wants to elaborate on that, go ahead because I really don’t understand. Are you now going to have evening metal? Dusk rap? No. Stop with your silly sub-genres. Stop it. Just listen to the music and don’t be so preoccupied with categorising it. When you do that, you take away the true art. STOP IT.

The band is currently working on their debut record, and going by what they have released so far it is pretty safe to say that when it does come out, it will blow your mind.

I’d make a hipster joke but I don’t feel quite humorous today.